Garnet Starr is the titular protagonist of Power Crystal Girls, the love interest of Virgil Hawkins, the sister of Juliet and Laura Starr, and the daughter of single mother Paige. Voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern, she has long orange hair and blue eyes and wears a pink long sleeved shirt, black miniskirt, light tan pantyhose and brown flip flop sandals. At her age, she is 15 years old.


  • Paige Starr (Single Mother)
  • Bernie Starr (Deceased Father)
  • Juliet and Laura Starr (Sisters)
  • Diamond (Pet Cat)
  • Virgil Hawkins (Love Interest)


  1. Being super sassy to Virgil
  2. Using the Power Garnet
  3. Fighting crime


  1. The way Juliet bothers with her
  2. Getting bullied by Reese
  3. Losing her skills


  • She has the same tone as Mina Aino from Sailor Moon.

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