Also known as ‘the dark ones’. They are very light-sensitive and as such live in the deep jungle or underground to avoid it. They are strange people, and are the only entire race feared by the Nechetta, their ways considered something unnatural.

Physical Features

The Garsosha are thin people, specializing as assassins and casters. Their skin is almost pitch black, as they grow older. This is a result of magic. At birth the lack of sunlight has made them a race with skin of pure white, but they transform their young to suit their stealthy desires. Their eyes are a strange magenta color, and their hair is usually blackened like their skin. On average they grow to 5’11, and live for 300 years. Their food source prevents them from growing fat, but as such they have little muscle or ability to gain body mass. Their teeth are all sharpened to tips, a reason their sounds do not include letters such as ‘m’ ‘th’ ‘ph’ or anything where the teeth is used.

They have developed eight tentacles on their back in a spider like fashion, these are very long but fragile. As such they are kept hidden under their shirts unless necessary for longer reach or greater grip on a surface, properly used they can hang upside down with these tentacles. Their people are incapable of facial hair, and their eyebrows are very thin. They stick to cooler climates and as such have no sweat glands, causing them to also have an extreme sensitivity to heat.

Without exception, their entire race shares the same body structure. This is because there are no males or females; it is a one-sex race. Their people look like a mixture of both, their faces are more feminine, and their body is very slender. However they do not possess the curves associated with most females of other races, nor breasts. Their lower genitalia are of the female type, because they still give birth normally, it is only the conception process that is different.

Male vs Female

No race is quite as unique as the Garsosha for their reproduction habits. Purely because it is a single sex race. Unlike most mammals, they reproduce asexually. Because the process after conception is similar to female pregnancy, their entire race is considered female (if only just barely).


Culturally the Garsosha are very social amongst themselves and others except the Nechetta, whose brute strength tactic annoys them. They are usually devoutly religious to their gods; as such they have many priests. One notable fact of their culture, is that they do not believe in anything like love at all, while in history some of their species have been noted to love those of another race it is still not a conceivable idea to them.


Comprised of soft sounding consonants, very little hard consonant or vowel pronounciation. This creates an ominous type of speaking that can be considered ghostly at times.
It is well known that they can understand many dialects, but have difficulty speaking them when sounds are produced by using the teeth, it causes them to bleed quickly from the sharp points.


Dark clothing to extremes. While their general clothing is tight fitting for stealth, they will also wear robes or cloaks to hide their dark tentacles. Many races forget the lethality of these soft appendages, as they secrete anesthetic that can knock out even Nechetta within seconds if they get a good grip.


Belief that darkness is salvation. Which for them is rather true, sunlight burns them and they cannot sweat. They are heavy practicioners of shadow priestism (particularly favoring mind control), frost magic, and necromancy. They have a few warlocks, but not many due to their fear of demons (the fel fire they contain.).

Social Structure

In general their priests are highest among them, because they possess the strongest mind control abilities. Mind control is such a strong method of command that it is the most respected method of power amongst the Garsosha. They have councils of high priests, bloodlines, clans, and houses..
Because of their asexual reproduction that the mother is able to control at will, the priests determine both who and when in order to keep their species alive, since they generally don’t like to conceive unless forced to. Raising children is like raising students in their world because the mother (known as ‘host’ among them) feels no attatchment to their child generally.
The garsosha have the absolute and undisputed most complex social structure of any other race. Unlike other races where a tribe is not as great as a kingdom, or a clan not as great as an empire, the garsosha way can vary heavily.
  • Bloodlines
These are directly related garsosha, offspring and siblings. A bloodline of power is like being royalty, and to own a bloodline (by being the eldest or strongest) is a great and honorable thing among them. Hence this is the only known reason for garsosha to reproduce at will, to increase their bloodline’s power.
  • Councils
A council is like an empire to them. Every significant group is represented by at least one person in a council. A powerful bloodline will send one of their daughters to stand in the council in their favor, or a clan will send one of their members to stand in their favor. Every council is ruled over by a high priest of shadow, this high priest’s bloodline is considered the superpower of that council (or kingdom).
  • Clans
A clan is a group of mixed bloodlines that live within the direct vicinity of each other to support one another. As is often forgotten by a bystander, garsosha are very friendly and sociable despite their dark tendencies. Clans are usually made up of weaker bloodlines.
  • Houses
A house is like a clan, but stronger. They do not ever have a clan within their house, but they may have a bloodline in another clan as a member. A house can also be in possession of a powerful bloodline. Some of these families like to mix with others to increase their overall standing. Another complex feature that makes a house generally more powerful then a clan, is that the house is sometimes owned by a single bloodline. Powerful bloodlines create houses to gather lower families under their authority, which thereby increases their bloodline standing. In sending a council representative, a member of the owning bloodline will be chosen to represent the whole house.


Garsosha names are complicated, they contain up to twenty names at times. But in general, there are only six names used. The first name is their bloodline, the garsosha bloodlines are the only possible reason they are known to conceive at their own will. Their second name is their clan name. The third name is their council name, every Garsosha has a preferred council member they take on as their representative and use her call name as their council name. This is subject to random changes, thus making it harder to deal with. Their fourth name is their call name, which confuses other cultures as it is not their first or last name that is used. The first three names are classification, the next three names are for their individuality. The last fourteen are more classification.
As such their fourth name is their call name. Their fifth name is their class name, except they use their own language to describe it. Their sixth is a profession name if they have one, if not it is called ‘senda’ which means none. Seventh names are only common to those of special birth, and it is a title similar to nobility or royalty. The remaining thirteen names will be explained in a list below.
  1. 1st Bloodline
  2. House/clan name
  3. Council name
  4. Call name
  5. Class name
  6. Profession name
  7. Nobility or royalty
  8. Reputation to bloodline (exiled, honored)
  9. Reputation to clan
  10. Reputation to Council
  11. Birth location –continental-
  12. Birth location –regional-
  13. Birth location –town/city/village-
  14. Home –climate-
  15. Home –environmental-
  16. Second Clan/house
  17. Second Call (nickname)
  18. Second profession
  19. Second reputation to clan
  20. Second bloodline

Racial powers

  • Their fangs and tentacles drip a numbing poison to reduce their enemies to drooling sacks of meat temporarily. This effect will only last for an hour or so, but by continually applying it suits them perfectly. The poison can be ingested through the skin, making it dangerous even when just smeared on the floor.
  • They can see perfectly in the dark.

Racial Weaknesses

  • Soft skin and sensitive to light. A simple punch can bring some down, but their quickness and casting ability make up for it.
  • Deathly weakness to heat and dehydration


Rough structures made more so to simply shelter from basic elements and mark territory. Their darker lifestyle causes them to care less about the appearence of their structures, and their underground sisters do little more then mark a fence if not in an under-city. They are rarely seen in cities, as they are rather bright.

There are exceptions, some Garsosha bloodlines develop a love of building. Their distinct style of working with the underworld's rocks can be shown when they carve large beautiful structures out of natural elements. Known to hollow out rocks, shape it artistically, and so on. These are the ones that build cities of Garsosha instead of little fence territories.

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