The naming of the Garsosha is known for its complexity that extends up to twenty names. While generally only the first six are used, they still possess all twenty and only use such a full name during formal addressing.

First name

Their first name is their bloodline. A Garsosha bloodline is their direct family. So they would take on the same first name as their parent, bloodlines rarely expand beyond the first original Garsosha due to the Asexual reproductive method.

Some notable blood lines include-

  • Selal
  • Siek
  • Garos

Second Name

The second name is a House or Clan name, however not all Garsosha are in a house or clan. Some prefer to stick to their bloodlines, and so the word "Sendah" is used to describe as 'none'.

While referring to the house or clan it would be <name> clan or House of <name>, only the <name> is used in the second name of an individual Garsosha.

Some notable House and clan names include-

  • Keska Clan
  • Asake Clan
  • House of Kazan

Third name

Their third name is their Council name. While there are some rogue Garsosha that do not belong to a council, in general they do. Councils are named after the leading blood line of the ruling Council, as such those who belong to the bloodline that run the councils often have the same first and third name, as confusing as that is.

A garsosha belonging to the Naraka council would hence use Naraka as their third name.

Some notable council names include-

  • Siek
  • Garos
  • Naraka

Fourth name

Their fourth name is their call name. This is the individual name that you would use to refer to them quickly and unformally.

Some notable call names include-

  • Lunal
  • Sehgu
  • Nala

Fifth Name

Their "class" name as it is described by world of warcraft. This is the name that identifies what skills they use, such as mages, warlocks, etc. However it is said in their own language, making it hard to determine for Azerothians.

These translations are in a certain format of <WoW class> = <Garsosha name for it> = <Garsosha Translation>. The Garsosha do not refer to what we know as 'rogues' as rogues for example, they call them assassins.

  • Mage/shaman = Elementalist = Zazna (A key note is that Garsosha do not have traditional mages, read Lareusian Classes for more info)
  • Shadow Priest = Priest = Nebuna
  • Rogue = Assassin = Alna
  • Warlock = Summoner/Enslaver = Narna
  • Warrior = Fighter = Rawga

Sixth Name

Professions, essentially it states what they do as a hobby. Tailors, enchanters, alchemists etc. There are never any Garsosha with collecting professions, even if they are collectors they name the profession they use the items for, otherwise it is just trader. Garsosha are not fans of physical labor and instead trade with other races, particularly Dael and Bravasians for raw materials. They often trade the underworlds rich ore supplies -locations-. They will not mine it themselves but will tell others where to find safe deposits, and protect the miners in exchange for whatever they ask for. All profession names end with 'an'

  • Alchemist = Arlan
  • Architect = Tanan
  • Enchanter = Lanolan
  • Gemcrafter = Tilan
  • Tailor/leatherworker = Nernan

Remaining 14 names

to be added

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