Mars' solution to the common Earth horse, these large upright quadrupeds are found both found in domesticated and wild herds all over the red planet. Although not naturally aggressive, the Gashant usually travel in large herds, and if threatened can defend themselves with their hard stumped forearms, thick tail and powerful bite.

Used primarily as personal mounts, the Gashant is a strong and endurable animal, traits which sees them also used as beasts of burden within the canal city and on various caravans. Not quite as fast or nimble as horse over open terrain, the Gashant's almost inexhaustible endurance sees it much better choice when traveling around Mars. That said, it should be added that, although these animals are well accustomed to the harsh rigors of the Martian deserts, they still require a level of care and maintenance to ensure that they remain healthy on such journeys.

A Gashant is often a symbol wealth and influence amongst various Martian cultures, with the finist examples coming from the Nilosyrtis Hills region. Many of the various nomad and hill tribes are renown for their skill both in breeding the finest of Gashant as well as their abilities to live, sleep and fight upon their mount for days on end.

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