Gaston is the main antagonist in Beauty and the Beast.

Counterparts (Disney Version)

  • Spencer (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends)

Counterparts (Beauty and the Beast Version)

  • Diesel or Spencer (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends)
  • Bonnie The Bunny (Five Nights At Freddy's)
  • Rodney or Scott (Total Drama) (Rodney and Gaston are both handsome and have cleft chins. Justin can't be Gaston, Justin doesn't have a cleft chin)
  • Biff Tannen (Back to The Future) 
  • Lord Farquaad (Shrek) 


Note: He can't be Justin or Lightning from Total Drama because they don't have cleft chins. But Lightning is dumb like him. There's no denying that fact, whether you protest or not. He can only be Rodney or Scott because Rodney is very handsome and has a cleft chin.

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