Gaston's VIP is a Pooh & Friends spoof to Spencer's VIP.


  1. Winnie The Pooh as Thomas (Jim Cummings)
  2. Kuzco as Edward (J. P. Manoux)
  3. Booster Munchapper Sinclair as Henry (Stephan Furst)
  4. Beck Redford as Gordon (Elijah Wood)
  5. Ron Stoppable as James (Will Friedle)
  6. Todd Daring as Percy (Nancy Cartwright)
  7. Randy Cunningham as Duck (Ben Schwartz)
  8. Howard Weinerman as Oliver (Andrew Caldwell)
  9. Chip as Bill (Tress MacNeille)
  10. Dale as Ben (Corey Burton)
  11. Alyson Levinson as Emily (Linda Cardellini)
  12. Gaston as Spencer (Richard White)
  13. Gunther Magnuson as Timothy (Matt L. Jones)
  14. Janna Sullivan as Annie (Grey DeLisle)
  15. Hope Roberts as Clarabel (Grey DeLisle)
  16. Mickey Mouse as Sir Topham Hatt (Bret Iwan)
  17. Professor Emielius Browne as The Deputy Minister (Jeff Bennett)
  18. Milo Kamalani as Toby (Danny Cooksey)
  19. Li Shang as Hiro (BD Wong)
  20. Annie Roberts as Belle (Janice Kawaye)
  21. Quasimodo as Porter (Tom Hulce)
  22. Peter Pan as Salty (Adam Wylie)
  23. Sashi Kobayashi as Henrietta (Tania Gunadi)
  24. Cubby as Toad (Jadon Sand)
  25. Jafar as Cranky (Jonathan Freeman)
  26. Gypsy as The Teacher (Tress MacNeille)
  27. Mowgli's Father as The Bird Watcher (???)


  • Mark Moraghan: It was early morning, and Pooh and his friends were just waking up when Mickey Mouse came to see them.
  • Mickey: I want you all to be on your very best behavior today. A VIP is coming to Disneyland.
  • Todd: "What's a V-eyed pea?"
  • Pooh: "A VIP means a very important passenger, Todd.
  • Mickey: That's right, Pooh, and this VIP is a deputy minister who's presenting me with an award for..." (Clears throat) "services to Disneyland.
  • All: (Cheer)
  • Beck: "Perhaps you would like me to collect this deputy minister, sir."
  • Mickey: I'm sorry, Beck, but Gaston is already bringing him."
  • Beck: Gaston?! Oh, I might have known."
  • Gaston: "I'll have you there ahead of schedule, sir. I do know how important it is to be on time."
  • Deputy Minister: "Thank you, Gaston. Just keep your eyes on the path, please."
  • (Beck races through a station)
  • Man: "Oh, my hat! My hat!"
  • Narrator: "Gaston was going so fast trying to get the deputy minister to the town hall on time,"
  • Gaston: "Out of the way, slow coach!"
  • Narrator: "He forgot to pay attention to any of the signals."
  • Kuzco: "Oh, such a show-off!"
  • Narrator: "At the junction, the signalman had set the points to send Kuzco along the branch line, but Gaston arrived first. So Pietro was sent onto the branch line by mistake."
  • (Elephant trumpeting and animals chattering)
  • Deputy Minister: "Shouldn't we have reach the town hall by now, Gaston?
  • Gaston: Perhaps I should put on more speed, sir."
  • Narrator: "But Gaston was no longer on the main line to the town hall. Gaston was on the branch line that let to the clay pits."
  • Gaston: "But how did I..."
  • Gunther: Hello, Gaston. What are you doing here?"
  • Gaston: "I don't know. There's been some mistake. Uh, sorry, sir, but we seemed to have ended up on the wrong path."
  • Chip: (Laughs) "Don't you want to take some clay changelings with you, Beck?
  • Chip and Dale: (Laughing)
  • Dale: "That would be really useful."
  • Chip and Dale: (Laughing)
  • Narrator: "By the time Beck finally arrived at the town hall, he was very late indeed."
  • Deputy Minister: "I came here to present you with a Disneyland award, Mickey, but I'm not very impressed with my transport so far, and I will not travel back to the mainland with this unicorn."
  • Beck: Not to worry. I can take you back to the mainland, sir."
  • Mickey: Thank you, Beck, but I'll decide who's taking the deputy minister back at the end of the day."
  • Pooh: Maybe I'll be the one who takes the deputy minister back."
  • Ron: You'll be lucky. Surely Mickey will pick me!"
  • Beck: Nonsense! You're both much too slow."
  • Pooh and Ron: "We can go just as fast as you!"
  • Narrator: "That day, all the characters hurried about their work, trying to show how quick they could be. They all wanted to chosen to take the deputy minister back to the mainland. Pietro watch the other animals rush about. He was feeling very sorry for himself.
  • Gaston: If only I hadn't been in such a hurry. If only I had tried to get my job done properly without showing off."
  • Narrator: "But it was the other characters who were showing off now."
  • Ron: (Laughs) "Sugar Cube Corner! Right on time."
  • (Ron stops so quickly)
  • Passengers: (Murmuring frightfully)
  • Beck: "Oh, ho-ho! Oh, Ron, your poor passengers. You mustn't stop so quickly."
  • Ron: "Well, at least my passengers can step onto the platform, Beck.
  • Beck: "Oh."
  • Narrator: "By trying so hard to be fast, the characters were causing confusion and delay."
  • Randy: Howard, what are you doing on my path?"
  • Howard: "Your path? Who said this is your path?"
  • Randy: "There are two ways of doing things, Howard. The Wonderbolt way and..."
  • Howard: "The wrong way. I know, and you're doing it the wrong way!"
  • Narrator: "All the characters were making silly mistakes, but Pooh's mistakes were the silliest of all."
  • Janna: Pooh! What are you doing?"
  • Hope: "Fillies don't need gems!"
  • Pooh: "Sorry!"
  • Narrator: "At the end of the day, Mickey was very disappointed with his characters.
  • Mickey: Everyone makes mistakes, but when you are showing off and in a hurry, you make far more mistakes than usual, and you have all been showing off! I don't think any of these characters deserve to take you home to the mainland, sir. Perhaps I can lend you my car."
  • Beck: "Oh, the indignity!"
  • Gaston: Perhaps you'd let me take the deputy minister home after all."
  • Mickey: You, Gaston?
  • Gaston: "I can learn from my mistakes, sir. I just need to be given one more chance."
  • Deputy Minister: "Gaston is right. Everyone deserves a second chance. I will forget what happened today, and maybe tomorrow I can come back and see how Disneyland really runs."
  • Ron: "Yes, sir."
  • Pooh: "Thank you, sir!"
  • Narrator: "So the next day, the deputy minister did come back, and all of Steven's characters showed him just how well Disneyland could be run."
  • Deputy Minister: "Excellent, Mickey! You run a very fine town indeed."
  • Mickey: "I told you they were really useful characters."
  • All: "Hooray!"

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