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Gateway City

This online roleplaying game is set in the DCU universe, incorporating characters and storylines from other sources (such as the DCAU and Marvel comics). The action is focused in the titular Gateway City, located in California.

A new group of heroes are learning the ropes here in Gateway.

Primary PCs

  • Erebus (Boden)
  • Osiris (Prometheus)
  • Cyberman (Buck)
  • Prowl (Elanya)

Debuted Alternates


  • Gabe Tudor
  • Macy Leona
  • Kevin Grace

Major NPCS

  • Sgt. Francine Friday
  • Detective Stack

Minor NPCs

  • Donald Smith (Museum person)


  • Rant
  • Rave
  • Mad Scientist Billy (i.e. Meat Man)

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