• Vincent Anton Freeman as Thomas
  • Young Vincent as Percy
  • Teenage Vincent as Skaroley
  • Irene Cassini as Emily
  • Jerome Eugene Morrow as Edward
  • Anton Freeman as James
  • Young Anton as Duck
  • Teenage Anton as Oliver
  • Director Josef as Gordon
  • Dr. Lamar as Toby
  • Marie Freeman as Rosie
  • Antonio Freeman as Henry
  • Delivery Nurse as Mavis
  • Geneticist as Murdoch
  • Caesar as Donald
  • German as Douglas
  • Detective Hugo as Stepney
  • Cop on the Beat as Diesel
  • Sequencing Technician as Sir Toppham Hatt
  • Cavendish as Lady Hatt
  • Gattaca Trainer as Molly

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