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Cold Weather Outfit: Every character should possess at least one of these. This includes a waterproof leather coat lined with down, a wool cap, a heavy cloak, and heavy wool socks. Cost is 8gp as listed in the PHB.
Cudgel Pad: When used as a covering for a cudgel, the cudgel deals subdual damage instead of regular damage. This is a sleeve of leather and thick wool that slides over a cudgel and is lashed into place. 1 gp.
Snow Shoes: These are not actually shoes, but a wooden lattice attatched to wearers boots. These negate the speed penalty to moving through deep snow, but incur a -10 penalty for tumble, climb, and performe(dance) checks. 3 gp.
Tools, Alchemists: An Alchemist requires proper tools to perform his work. Use the price in the PHB for "tools" to buy this initial tool kit. This kit includes 3 beakers, some test tubes, a tumbler, a miniature hammer and pick, a tiny scale, and a few probes. For more advanced work such as potion making a full alchemical lab must be purchased.

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