Gemini is a mutable sign, its element is air. and its number is 3. While all signs are a mix of all other signs in a sense, thirds are especially a mix of the two signs that come before it. In the station of Gemini, these two signs happen to be Aries and Taurus. Therefore Gemini is caught between the physical reality of things, and the spiritual reality of entities. Forever must a gemini cross the borders of inner and outer realities. he is the first peacemaker, focused heavily on reaching a logical understanding of all that it encounters. I think is the signs motto, it is compelled to understand both beliefs and actions of all things, creating complicated systems within its mind trying to track and compartmentalize different thoughts, ideas, beliefs and effects on different organisms, places and entities. Gemini suffers from lack of wholeness, which is his divine discontent, to discover more which may make him feel complete. To find exactly where within this realm of information his self sits.

relying on your mind to understanding what is happening in your life because of your understanding of the situation. The ability of complete motion in the matrix.

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