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Genera Engine Main Page

This is the Genera wiki. It documents an free open-source networked game engine. It explores the territory of games like Second Life, RPG Maker, and Elysium Source. Anyone can run a server, a tracker that clusters multiple servers into a world, or just explore the worlds as avatar with custom art and scripted abilities. You could also use it as a tool for making a standalone 2d game with networking. You could use it as P2P avatar-based chat room. You could start you own custom ORPG world by running multiple servers with a cohesive theme. Because Genera focuses on the fun of 2d tilemapping, and not just one kind of genre, it can be used for completely original gameplay designs.

Current Pages

User Experience
Technical Design


Genera is

  • small (give size in MB)
  • easy (lots of templates and useful functions for movement, animation)
  • 2d is fun!!!

The Genera Engine is written in C and C++, and utilizes the Allegro library for everything except networking. Networking is handled by custom socket wrapper classes. All of this is 100% freely hackable and useful code.

Editing the map is done in realtime through the client.

The game has a chatbox/command-line, and a very simple, uncluttered GUI featuring a tile-pallete and layer controls, all of which can be rendered with transparency if desired.

More to come, I am just trying to start this page...

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