Exoplanetary Scratchpad

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Planet-forming Disks Slow Down Spinning Stars (Jul 06)

Nearby Stars Impact Planet Formation (Jun 06)

Discovery of Planemos Challenge Planet Definition (Jun 06)

Common Thread Between Pegasids Found (Jun 06)

Ten Years of Planet Hunting (2005)

Stars May Be Devouring Planets (1999)

Earthshine Test For Detecting Habitable Exoplanets (2006)

Distant Earths Will Only Be Seen From Space (2006)

Planet Formation Theories Don't Fit (2006)

Polarized Light May Detect Exoplanets (2005)

Misc Exoplanet News,14493,1318911,00.html

Hubble Discovers 100 Planets at the Galactic Bulge

Eccentric Planets

10th Anniversary of Planet Hunting (2005)

Planet Forming Messy (2004)

Metalicitie's Influence on Planet Formation (2004)

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