General Hospital:The Next Generation,sometimes refered to as GH:NG or simply NG,is long running roleplay at Fanforum started by angel_wings05 (Ash) in 2006.It is a spin-off of both General Hospital Original,another roleplay on fanforum,and the daytime soap,General Hospital.The roleplay chronicles the lives of the General Hospital characters' children,who range in age from their thirties to their teens.The game includes GH legacy families like the Morgans,Spencers,Webbers,etc. but also includes many characters not related to anyone on General Hospital.The background of most of the original GH characters in NG is shaky at best as most of the original characters are not played,although some like Jason,Sam,Ric,Elizabeth,and Lucky make "cameo" appearances when needed.The roleplay is also categorized as having a very large cast that is ever changing.




The Lost Thread

GH:NG has one "lost thread",rarely spoken of.The roleplay was started before the first thread of what is now NG ever began.This version is fairly similiar but had far fewer characters and some of the relationships were different.Not too popular,this version soon died out.Nothing remains of it.

Thread One

Thread Two: You Slept With Who?

  • Began on April 17th 2006.
  • Title refers to the "swapping partners" storyline in which Chase Alcazar slept with Natalie Bennet,leading Constance Alcazar to sleep with Jamie Alcazar,Chase's brother.


                  The Aftermath of "Swapping Partners"

The thread went on where things left off, the following morning.Constance came to see Michael,in tears,having seen Chase in bed with Natalie and then having had a blow out with him.Michael refused to believe it but was forced to face the truth: Natalie betrayed him.Constance left Michael's to find Rafe,an old drug dealer friend she used to hang around,who gave her drugs and kept her company.Natalie came to see Michael,ready to admit the truth to him,unaware that he already knew.Natalie tried to convince Michael to stay by her because they had Caroline but Michael refused and Natalie packed her things.

Meanwhile,Jamie told Laura the truth about him and Constance but assured her that he loved her and that it didn't mean anything.Laura refused to speak to Jamie anymore and threw him out,leaving his heartbroken while Laura's future step brother,Lex,came to pick up the pieces.

                           Logan and Leigha

Logan was still on a mission to get Leigha to forgive him after she walked in on him and Tasha in bed together and left in tears.She refused to give in to him,convinced that her decision to open herself up to Logan was a mistake.

                           Meredith and Cameran

--DreamOn777 06:38, 24 July 2007 (UTC) Leaving this for someone else to fill in

Thread Three: But You Always Find a Way to Keep Me Right Here Waiting

  • Began on June 1 2006.
  • Title from Staind's "Right Here"

Thread Four: And These Mistakes You Made,You'll Just Make Them Again

  • Began on July 25 2006.
  • Title from Anna Nalick's "Breathe (2 AM)"

Thread Five: Between the Lines of Fear and Blame

  • Began on September 8th 2006.
  • Title from The Fray's "How to Save a Life"
    • The first of two NG threads to take a title from the same song as a GHO thread.
    • First thread to use the "icon system" of an icon before a post.

Thread Six: And After All,You're My Wonderwall

  • Began on October 29th 2006.
  • Title from Oasis' "Wonderwall"
  • At the end of this thread, the GH:NG Awards were posted (winners list link to be added)

Thread Seven: Let Us Die Young,Let Us Live Forever

  • Began on Jan. 8th 2007.
  • Title from Youth Group's "Forever Young"

Thread Eight: Would You Lie With Me and Just Forget the World

  • Began on May 6th 2007.
  • Title from Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars"
    • The second of a shared GHO song choice title.

Thread Nine: To Be Announced

Roleplay Mythology

The Death Factor

With all the characters that NG has and all the storylines that have gone on,there is an interesting phenomena that we'll call the Death Factor.In almost ten threads of NG,not one single character has died.This is sometimes joked about,that no one can possibly leave Port Charles in a body bag.It really comes down to the fact that no player can part with any of their characters.Over the threads,some characters have come close though:

  • Jamie Alcazar - Sometimes referred to as "Indestructable Boy",he has had three near death experiences.The first,he was shot by Chase,accidentally,at Meredith's rescue,when Chase saw Meredith and Cameran together and when trying to shot Cameran,shot Jamie instead.Second,was a consequence of the previous incident,when Jamie's body rejected the piece of the liver he was given in a transplant.This was his closest sweep with death as he even,in dramatic soap opera fashion,flatlined.Third,was during the MetroCourt fire when Jamie saved Constance and was knocked unconscious.He survived but lost his memory.
  • Lex Jamison - Lex was probably the closest to death,a suicide that was planned but later backed out of.On Halloween night,distraught over losing Laura and his father's lack of finances to send him to Princeton where he had gotten accepted for college,Lex attended Logan Danes' Halloween party and went up to the top floor with the intent of killing himself.While he was on the side of the building,his friend,Chandler showed up and managed to talk him down.Later,they would get together and Lex would struggle but eventually overcome his bout with depression.
  • Natalie Bennet - Natalie's brush with death came after Logan and Tasha's non-wedding when she was with Michael and shot,in a hit meant for him.The hit was ordered by Kate Valmont,a mob daughter whose fiancee had been killed Michael.Natalie was left in a coma but came out of it after some time.Kate later teamed up with Michael's half brother,Ryan,to continue to try to bring Michael down,using Natalie as a target.

The Kidnapping Merry-go-round

Also a popular story in NG is that of kidnappings.Often huge events,kidnappings in NG are normally mob related.There have been some bests and some worsts but a kidnapping is always prime drama in NG.

  • Meredith Alcazar - Meredith Alcazar had just recently been welcomed into the Alcazar family,while the family was going through some chaos,but this didn't stop her from being targeted by Michael Corinthos,who was seeking revenge after he found out Natalie was having an affair with Chase.When Chase threw a party for Meredith,he and Jamie became too wrapped up in themselves and Meredith was kidnapped.The kidnapping turned vicious between Meredith and Michael,while Chase and Jamie both seperately searched for their sister.Ryan,in attempt to move his own plans along,called in an anonymous tip to the PCPD about Meredith's location and there was a mad dash to reach Meredith.Meredith was eventually rescued by Cameran and Chase who arrived first while Michael and Paige made their escape.Jamie raced there to find his brother before the police did,thinking his brother might do something that would put him behind bars.Yet when he,Morgan,and later Natalie arrived,Chase was stunned by the sight of his hit man and his sister together.Aiming his gun towards Cameran,he accidentally shot Jamie.This kidnapping was the first in NG and one of the best.
  • Michelle Lansing
  • Devon Corinthos - Devon Corinthos,the younger sister of Michael Corinthos,was kidnapped by Ryan Rosco,Michael's half brother who was bent on getting revenge of Michael.Ryan came to town and right away met Devon.Discovering she was Michael's younger sister,he got friendly with her,taking her out,before he asked her to meet him in the park one night and then snuck up to snatch her.He kept her in a house in the middle of nowhere while he waited for Michael but his plans went awry when Michael impulsively kidnapped Meredith at the same time.At first,Ryan locked up Devon,but as time went on,the two got to know each other and a bond was developed,with Ryan eventually beginning to fall in love with Devon.Fearing his feelings for her,Ryan found out Meredith's location and called a tip in to the PCPD,in order to get Michael out of hiding.It worked and Michael soon came to rescue Devon.Devon begged Michael not to hurt Ryan but Michael shot him and then left.Ryan later was fine,with only an injured arm,and returned to Port Charles to continue to take down Michael and continue his relationship with Devon.

Baby Mama Drama

No soap is complete without the baby storylines and NG is no different.Everyone has been pregnant from teens to happily married women to single women.Of course,there's always big drama no matter whose baby it is.

  • Natalie Bennet
  • Kristina Corinthos
  • Michelle Lansing
  • Tasha Drake

The Big Events

Our equivalent to sweeps,usually these big events include most of the characters in NG and they usually end up with big confrontations/conclusions.

  • Nurses Ball
  • Blush Magazine Launch Party - More importantly,known at the MetroCourt fire.Molly Lansing decided to launch her new magazine 'Blush' in dramatic fashion with an extravagant ball at the MetroCourt complete with 'blush-tinis'.Notable moments before the hotel fire was set:Logan jealously watching Cole and Leigha and then Tasha overhearing him confess to Leigha his lingering feelings for her,Molly's ex-partner,Carver,showing up to blackmail her,Ryan holding Michael at gunpoint and telling him about their family connection .The hotel fire was started by Tiago,a recurring character in NG,and was coupled with various bombs he set off in the hotel.
  • Lulu's Non-Wedding
  • Tasha and Logan's Non-Wedding

The Valmont Family History

The Valmonts are a dark and powerful mafia family from Pittsburgh. Frank Valmont was cold and ruthless when he ruled the Valmont Empire. He built his organization from the ground up when he left his family in Italy to expand the family business into the states.He chose Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and it was there that he met the very beautiful and dangerous Evelyn Lane.He married her soon after and they were happy for years until Ava Garner walked into his life like the hurricane she was. Regardless of his wife‘s obvious jealousy, Frank continued talking to Ava and helping her at the drop of a dime whenever she needed anything. Before long a wild affair began between them. Evelyn stayed with her husband despite being well aware that he was in love with another woman and having an affair with her even. She stayed because she loved him too much to walk away. Eventually Ava ended up pregnant and nine months later gave birth to Kathryn Scarlett Valmont. Even with the little family he created on the side Frank managed to hold onto his wife and keep her from leaving.A year or so after Kate‘s birth, Evelyn gave birth to Franks second daughter, Tess. Frank tried to break things off with Ava so he could have a fresh start with Evelyn and their child but Ava had him bewitched and no matter how hard he tried he couldn‘t stay away. Two years later she gave him the thing he wanted most in the world making him fall for her even more.She gave him a son, Sebastian. He loved his daughters but being a man who valued the traditions of his Sicilian family there was nothing more he wanted than a son to be his heir. When the girls were seven and eight Frank divorced Evelyn so he could marry Ava, forcing his first wife to leave with their daughter.Bitter and angry over her husbands dismissal of her, Evelyn blamed everything on her daughter Tess making her think if she hadn’t been born her parents would still be together. Things only grew worse for the confused teenager when her mother eventually remarried. Insteading of constantly being blamed Tess started being ignored. Her mother and her new husband were more concerned with each other than her, leaving her with the nanny on a regular basis.

Meanwhile back in Pittsburgh things weren’t much better for Kate and Sebastian. Kate had become quite the rebellious one.Angry at the world and most importantly angry at her parents. She blamed them for her sister Tess’s no longer being there and on the day of her death said some pretty hateful things to her mother that she’ll never be able to take back. Ava was killed due to the mob violence surrounding her father. Her tragic death only cemented Kate and Sebastian’s place in Frank’s business. He wanted his son to grow up to be strong and ruthless like him but the young and confused boy had other plans. Angry at his sons refusal of his birthright when he was fourteen Frank sent him to boarding school to straighten him up. While their mothers death made Bastian want nothing to do with the mob it had quite the opposite effect on Kate. Her thirst for revenge was unquenchable and sent her flying down a clear path of destruction. It wasn’t until she met Will that she slowed down and allowed herself to be genuine with someone. For the first and only time in her life she fell in love. Bastian returned from boarding school around that time and his father wasted no time in grooming him to take over for him despite his sons wishes. While Kate and Bastian got deeper involved in the family business their sister Tess had met a man by the name of Evan Raine.Fresh on the heels out of high school Tess had a short lived modeling career and after a few years of known him she married her mobster boyfriend. They were happy together for awhile until Evan started putting his work, aka his organization, before her. She soon grew tired of the lonely nights and found comfort in her best friends bed, Evan’s brother Ethan. A wild affair sparked between the two continuing even after the three of them relocated to Port Charles New York for business related reasons. Upon arrival Evan met Michelle Lansing and what started off as nothing but business for him became so much more. One night they both gave into their desires and made love regardless of the fact both were still married. Ethan had left town by this time and although unaware of her husbands affair Tess had her suspicions, especially after witnessing a close moment between Michelle and her husband.

Pregnant with twins Tess was determined to hold onto her husband. Just as he was ready to give up on their marriage, suggesting they get a divorce, his wife pleaded with him to reconsider. They owed it to their sons to give their marriage another chance and try to make it work. With Michelle trying to put her own family back together and them having agreed to stay away from one another, Evan decided he should do thesame with his family believing it was what was best for his sons. After she gave birth to twin boys they worked on rebuilding their marriage while they raised their sons together. However their happiness was short lived when Tess confessed to the affair she had with his brother. Angry for the betrayal Evan moved out and started staying in a hotel until one night Michelle came to him and revealed she was carrying his child and not Danny’s. Without taking barely any time at all to think about it the two of them ran off together and have yet to be heard from or seen since then. A heartbroken Tess decided she needed to sever all ties with Evan and divorced him, Back in Pittsburg, Kate had lost the man she loved too but in an entirely different way. Just days before their wedding Will was gunned down and killed, preventing what would have been a strong alliance from the union of two very powerful families. Led to believe a man by the man Michael Corinthos was responsible for Will’s death Kate’s focus once again returned to vengeance. She spent years planning and plotting the perfect revenge.After her father died roughly over a year ago she saved her brother for something he wasn’t yet ready for and took control of her late fathers organization. With her miserable father out of the way she was free to do what she wanted, free to make her own strikes without having to get daddy’s approval. Leaving her brother temporarily in charge (with her best men to guard him) Kate traveled to Port Charles in seek of retribution.From sleeping with her enemy to having his former fiance shot and devising a plan to kidnap his “daughter” with the help of Ryan Rosco, Kate certainly hasn’t been shy.about her payback. Most recently she was behind a brutual attack unleashed on a masked ball targeting several members of the Alcazar and Corinthos crime families and her work in Port Charles is far from over, though since reuniting with her sister and brother she's starting to realize she's going to have to be more careful now.

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