Players can pick from one of eight elemental alignments in Genesis. Whichever alignment they pick determines the Race, Class, and other factors of their avatar. Half of the elements form Order, the other half form Chaos. Each elemental alignment corresponds to one of the four states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Additionally, each alignment is very roughly modeled after a great civilization (or combination of civilizations), and the mythology concerning it. Each alignment is assigned a color that represents it (which is used often in decorations, flags, and so forth), and values one type of gem which possesses their respective elemental powers. Each alignment is ruled by one god, and tends to favor certain biomes for their homeland. Lastly, each alignment has a number of values associated with it, which determine what the alignment stands for, and which virtues/vices the alignment follows most strongly. The alignments are summarized below (Order is highlighted in yellow, Chaos is highlighted in blue):

Element Color Gem God Culture Biome(s) Associations
Light Yellow Topaz Hyperion Greek/Roman Desert/Mediterranean Life, Honesty, Loyalty
Air White Diamond Raiden Feudal Asia Monsoon/Alpine/Steppe Peace, Honor, Temperance
Water Blue Sapphire Uller Nordic/Celtic/Gallic/Vikings Taiga/Tundra Remedy, Justice, Valor
Earth Brown Amber Atira Ancient Western Tribes Boreal Forest/Grassland Prosperity, Compassion, Love
Fire Red Ruby Shiva Ancient Indo-Persia Volcanic Famine, Apathy, Lust
Void Purple Amethyst Anubis Ancient Egypt Unholy Ground/Bramble Wood Death, Deception, Betrayal
Poison Green Emerald Sagbata Amazonian/Islander/Rainforest Tribe Swamp/Rainforest Pestilence, Lawlessness, Cowardice
Abyss Black Onyx Lithos Gothic Plateau/Wasteland/Caves War, Shame, Rashness

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