In Genesis, there are four types of armor. Ranging from lightest to heaviest, these are cloth, leather, mail, and plate.

Unlike most games, avatars will usually not be constantly wearing armor - only when they need to suit up for battle. Armor fatigues your character and causes discomfort so your avatar will typically be wearing more comfortable clothing. Each alignment has their own uniquely styled armor and clothing that reflects the culture they are based on. All races are most comfortable in cloth armor (clothing) and the heavier the armor, the more of a penalty it bears on the wearer. However, certain races and classes get bonuses from heavier armor in battle (most fighter classes prefer heavier armor, for example).

Types of Armor


The lightest type of armor in Genesis, and includes clothing.


The next lightest armor after cloth, also second to last in protection.


Second heaviest armor, good protection but not all-encumbering


The heaviest and strongest, but most hindering.

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