There are only four basic classes in Genesis: Fighter, Rogue, Mage, and Priest. However, each elemental alignment has its own variations of each class, making for a total of thirty-two different classes in the game. Each class focuses around one of the four stats: Fighters rely on Strength, Rogues rely on Agility, Mages rely on Intelligence, and Priests rely on Discipline. Beasts and Elementals, of course, cannot have a class. Each class has a unique set of skills and abilities, and they differ in many ways across each alignment. This is to encourage team work, by intentionally not allowing any classes to have too diverse a range of abilities. Players can do well on their own, but are more effective as a group.

Element Strength Agility Intelligence Discipline
Light Paladin Herald Diviner Cleric
Air Samurai Ninja Sorcerer Monk
Water Berserker Pirate Wizard Hermit
Earth Warrior Ranger Druid Shaman
Fire Vanguard Rogue Diabolist Dervish
Void Legionnaire Assassin Necromancer Acolyte
Poison Barbarian Hunter Wiccan/Witch Fanatic
Abyss Juggernaut Commando Alchemist Zealot

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