The Genetics Wars were a series of battles that resulted in the destruction of 8 CyberOutPosts, 1 CyberBase, and many factories and trade posts. It was started by the CyberEmpire, and was ended when the CyberBots defeated the mutations at Battle of Rain. The Zlorgs did defeat the CyberBots five times and suffered many losses. They were not completely annihilated, sometimes, for instance at the Battle of Rain, the Zlorgs surrendered after Vaporization mortar bombs shelled the homebase and CyberMages brought a drought upon the waterbase. The Zlorgs harnessed suicide bombings using Claymore mines.

During one of the defeats of the CyberEmpire, the Zlorgs won by flanking the bots by kamikaze and fired repeated lasers continually onto the infantry. The bots tried to shell them, but the buildings were virtually shell-resistant and ultimately resulted in the disarming and surrendering of OutPost V991. Then, when the bots tried to ship BloodSharks to the frontline, the convoy was overpowered and practically overpowered. The BloodSharks were seized, and then redeveloped and helped the Zlorgs win two other battles.

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