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Full human name: Geoff Robinson
Primary player: D.Dragon
Debut: September 17, 2006

Geoff Robinson is a male immortal who works for the MPA. At the University for Magical Study, he majored in healing magic with a secondary degree in mythical biology. He possesses vast amounts of knowledge of anatomy, biology, physiology, and chemical compounds regarding both mundane and mythical lifeforms, as well as many types of restorative and regenerative spells. He is currently romantically involved with Amber DeReed.

Personal History

While not yet mentioned in Canon, Geoff is a direct descendant of the shipwrecked Robinson family from the Johann David Wyss novel. Because of this, his family is very well off; a benefit of old money. Geoff is not quick to make this fact known, however, preferring to let people judge him based on his own merits and not his economic background. His family owns a treehouse resort (an expansion of the original treehouse) in the East Indies that is host to many other magical beings, usually witches and wizards on vacation.


Geoff's living family contain two sisters and a mother, all immortals. His father was not an immortal, and died many years ago. His sisters both have a penchant for turning people into animals and various inanimate objects, especially Geoff's girlfriends, so he does his best to keep them from meeting.

Notable Visages


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