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East Asia

General Urban Characteristics

Historical Urban Development in China

-Culture Hearth (2000 BCE)

-Traditional (Pre-industrial) Chinese City

-Colonial Cities

    • Opium Wars
    • Treaty Ports

-Turmoil (1911-1949)

    • Qing dynasty falls in 1911
    • Nationalist government comes to power


    • Sun Yat-Sen
    • Chiang Kai-shek

  • Communists eventually organize as a competing party

--leader: Mao Zedong

  • War with Japan (1937-1945)
  • Civil War between Nationalists and Communists resumes (1945-1949)


  • Communists gain control under Mao (PRC is established)
  • Chaing Kai-shek and followers flee to Taiwan (ROC is est'd)

Maoist Era (1949-1976)

  • Great Leap Forward (1957-1960)
  • Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)

Post-Mao Era (1976-present)

  • popular control (one-child policy)
  • freer migration policy
  • economic "open door" policy

-Special Economic Zones (SEZs)

  • Special Administrative Regions (SARs)

-former colonies

  • Hong Kong (came under Chinese control in 1997)
  • Macau (came under Chinese control in 1999)

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