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Southeast Asia

General Urban Characteristics:

Historical Influences

.Before 100 B.C.E., no true urban centers
-After 100 B.C.E., first cities developed.
-Most of this city development was a result of outside influences:

===Indian Influence===
1. Coastal market city
-example: Vyadhapura (100 C.E.), located in the Mekong delta
2. Inland sacred city
-example: Angkor (800s C.E.), located in present-day Cambodia

Muslim Influence

-Malacca (1403)
Key word: "entrepot" European Influence


Batavia (present-day Jakarta) -British
Straits Settlements
Expansion to Burma (Myanmar)
Expansion to Northern Borneo
French Indo-China

-Siam (Thailand) remained uncolonized
Key word: "buffer state"

Independence came after World War II
Further political changes:
-Colonial Impact:
-superimposed boundaries
-coastal growth, interior decline
-rural to urban migration
-foreign immigration
-population increase

-Chinese in Southeast Asia

-Deurbanization (1970s)

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