George The Steamroller
Number 6 (S22-ownards)
Class steamroller
Livery steamroller
Line steamroller
Built 1903





Designers steamroler
Date to Birth April 10, 1903
First[[Click to Continue > by Deal Top| Appearance]] Steam Roller
Voice Actors Kerry Shale (UK/USA Season 22)

see also: George (Carmen)

George was an ill-tempered steamroller who was very vocal in his opinion that railways should be ripped up.


Skarloey once tried to pit a boastful Sir Handel against George. Sir Handel's rivalry with George ended when they met at a roadwork site parallel to the railway line. There was little room, and Sir Handel tried to get past George. George was angry, and he ran into one of Sir Handel's vans, derailing it. This resulted in a furor between the road workers and Sir Handel's crew, which was finally broken up by a police officer. As a result of this incident, a fence was set up between the road and the railway, and when the work was finished, George left (although Sir Handel was convinced that he had won and sent George packing). ("Steam Roller"), He is one of the Second Main Antagonists

One time, The Fat Controller's car had a flat tire, and his ride with Caroline ended abruptly, he managed to get a ride with George. On the ride, The[[Click to Continue > by Deal Top| Fat]] Controller got oil all over his new suit. George suddenly veered out of control and The Fat Controller landed in a muddy ditch. ("Lady Hatt's Birthday Party")

George was working at the new quarry some time later. As he was waiting for Percy to collect him, George spoke rudely to Skarloey and Rheneas. George kept complaining as Percy brought him to his destination. George is in charge of ripping up an old branch line track and tarmacking it. He intentionally tarmacs over the crossing, and when Thomas comes by later, he derails and crashes through a barn.

Later, George was blocking Duck in a siding, while Duck had to clear a truck from the Main Line for Gordon to pass. George refuses to move, and Gordon crashes into the truck, demolishing it. The Fat Controller was furious and made sure that George would not work for a while. ("Bye George!")

George was supposed to be in Thomas And The Magic Railroad but was taken out.

In Calling All Engine!, he seen was reformed and as anti-hero to help the road to clear of cracking.

George makes a cameo in The Great Discovery.


  • Season 4 - Steamroller
  • Season 5 - Lady Hatt's Birthday and Bye George
  • Calling All Engines! (does not speak)

He was in Thomas And The Magic Railroad Directors Cut as a sidekick to Diesel 10.


  • Season 5 - Rusty and the Boulder
  • Season 6 - James and the Red Balloon
  • Season 7 - Toby's Windmill
  • Season 8 - Emily's New Route
  • Season 9 - Thomas and the New Engine
  • Season 10 - Big Strong Henry
  • The Great Discovery


  • George's theme is his Season 4-5 theme.

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