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The exciting adventures of George, Andrew B. and Vinnie. With including some cartoon episodes.

Season 1

Episode Pilot: School


Episode 1: Shorties: Proluge/Andrew Bell's Day off

Episode 2: The Big Gill Loser

Episode 3: Date nite (Homestar Runner remake)

Episode 4: Shorties: Tag/The Gill Controller/Shorties: George's rival

Episode 5: Jagdish VS. Big Jones/Shorties: Swimming Pool

Episode 6: Shorties: Easter suprise/Andrew Hsieh's bad luck/Music video: A decemberween thikkaman

Episode 7: Shorties: Togoganning/SuperGeorge

Episode 8: The Ghostrider (Part 1)

Episode 9: The Ghostrider (Part 2)

Episode 10: Vinnie, Ben and Cupid/Gameshow Carnival: Friends FOR-NEVER!!!

Episode 11: Shorties: William's bad day/Scardey boys/Andrew Bell VS. Karanjot

Episode 12: Vinnie leaves out/George VS. Kostas

Episode 13: George Email: Crying/George Dodgers in two and a half century/Gameshow Carnival: Barrel race

Episode 14: Vinnie and Jaymin/Ice Hockey/Shorties: Andrew Bell's new nose

Season 2

Episode 15: Jayen's friend/Shorties: McDonald's

Episode 16: George Email: Crazy cartoon/Andrew Bell's cousin/Shorties: Golf

Episode 17: Halloween Special: Trick-or-DARE!!!!!/ Season 1 bloopers (in a credits)

Episode 18: Gameshow Carnival: Fighting/Andrew Bell's new face/Shorties: The Mask

Episode 19: Beau's Home Videos: Vinnie's guide to be a afraid/George, Vinnie and Riley at the Circus/Shorties: George and Vinnie in 3D Movie Maker

Episode 20: Shorties: Waist 75 seconds, when you're waist water/Andrew Hsieh in Love/Music video: A loop of death

Episode 21: Shorties: George Hood/Hello nice students (Animaniacs remake)

Episode 22: George and Vinnie in: Buisness trip/The Return of George Dodgers

Episode 23: Christmas special: Merry Stinkmas!!/Christmas shorts

Episode 24: Shorties: Happy Anniversary, wlanman!!!/No hat for Vinnie/Music video: Springhallow School Idol (parody of American Idol)

Episode 25: Donuts onto oders (Homestar runner parody)/Conductor's first day


Film 01: The George Show MOVIE!!


George Show (NES Entertainment)

George Show II: Superfriends to the Rescue (SNES Entertainment)

George Nitro Kart

George Nitro Kart 2: Double Dash

George Nitro Kart 3

George & Vinnie's Party Bash (Nintendo DS)

George Nitro Kart 4

George & Vinnie's Fighting Jam (Coming soon.....)

George Show: the Movie (Coming soon.......)

George Nitro Kart 5: Wii (Coming soon........)


George Show/Thomas

George Show/TUGS

George Show/Pingu

George Show/Dangermouse

George Show/Bananaman

George Show/Salty's Lighthouse

George Show/Superted

George Show/Mario

George Show/The Simpsons

George Show/Mr. Men

George Show/Theodore Tugboat

George Show/Sonic

George Show/Spongebob

George Show/Young Ones

George Show/Disney

George Show/Looney Tunes

George Show/Family Guy

George Show/Only Fools and Horses

George Show/Fawity Towers

George Show/Chucklevision

George Show/Fireman Sam

George Show/Old Cartoons

George Show/Cult classics

George Show/Cartoons

As seen also

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends



Theodore Tugboat


Garfield & Friends

Looney Tunes

Billy & Mandy

Ed, Edd n' Eddy


Tom & Jerry

Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Simpsons

The Ren & Stimpy Show

Ren & Stimpy Adult Cartoon Party

Rocko's Modern Life

The Angry Beavers


Tiny Toon Adventures

Thomas the Model Railway Engine

Darkwing Duck

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


The Mr. Men Show

Mr. Men and Little Miss

Cow & Chicken

I Am Weasel

Hanna-Barbera series

Earthworm Jim

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