George as Eric

Harry as Bananaman

Vinnie as Crow

Karanjot as General Blight

Beau as Syndney (also known as Toymaster)

My mum as Witchy Woman

Ben as Doctor Gloom

Karanjot 10 as Appleman

Andrew Hsieh as Weatherman

Kristian as Clayman

The boys (wearing red shirts) as The Heavy Mob

Nana (from Oxford) as Auntie

Luke as Impossible Man

Ryan (from P3) as Foul Five

Yousif/Yasheen as Scotsman

Superhero team as The Nerks

Shivam as Bubblegum Bert

Cupid as Skunk Woman

Evil George as Captain Cream

Zakr as Mouseman

Eman as Fiona

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