George as Ten Cents

Harry as Big Mac

Grandad (from Wiliton) as OJ

Radu as Warrior

Andrew hsieh as Top Hat

Ben as Hercules

Vinnie as Sunshine

Kostas as Captain Star

Karanjot as Zorran

Jay as Zug

Luke (from SG) as Zip

Ryan (from P3) as Zak

Kristan (from PG and he sounds like Billy (from Billy & Mandy)) as Zebedee

Karanjot 10 as Captain Zero

Andrew bell as Boomer

Jayen as Billy Shoepack

Eman as Lillie Lightship

Vinnie's sister as Sally seaplane

Yousif and Yasheen as Frank and Eddie

Pingu as Puffa

Thomas the Tank Engine as the Goods train

and more....

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