George as Thomas

Andrew Hsieh as Edward

Harry as Gordon

Ben as Henry

Andrew Bell as James

Vinnie as Percy

My dad as Toby

Jagdish as Duck

Vinnie's sister as Emily

Jaymin as Bertie

Yousif and Yasheen as Donald and Douglas

Regen as Oliver

James as Toad

Beau as Bill/Ben

Grandad (from Waliton) as Boco

Nana (from Wiliton) as Daisy

My mum as Mavis

Zion as Harvey

Eman as Rosie

Peter (from S3) as Neville

Radu as Whiff

Jayen as Salty

Jelani as Billy

Karanjot as Diesel

William and Duncan as Arry and Bert

Luke (from SG) as Derek

Karanjot 10 as Diesel 10

Grandad (from Oxford) as Hank

Nana (from Oxford) as Flora

Kostas as TFC

Zuza as Lady Hatt

Pingu's grandad as Duke

Pingu as Skarloey

Pinga as Rheneas

Robby as Peter Sam

Pingo as Sir handel

Pingg as Duncan

Punki as Rusty

Pingu's Father as Fearless Freddie

Pongi as Mighty

Pingu (with green skin) as Mac

Pingu's neighbour as Smudger

The Schoolmaster as Mr. Percival

Arthur, Spongebob and Tom & Jerry characters as the Pack


Ben Wilson as Thomas

George Goodlake as Edward

Vinnie Gill as Henry

Andrew Hsieh as Gordon

Harry Chidditen as James

Beau Bance as Percy (They're both telling jokes)

Radu as Toby

Andrew Bell as Duck


Vinnie Gill as Thomas

Andrew Hsieh as Edward

Harry as Henry (They both have rhyme names)

Ben as Gordon

Radu as James

Andrew Bell as Percy

George Goodlake as Toby

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