Bastard Greyhawk character
Homeland Verbobonc
Gender Male
Race Human
Born 553 CY
Died N/A
Class Wizard
Alignment Neutral

Gerdacyr is a human wizard of Verbobonc, and a distant relative of Viscount Langard.

Gerdacyr was portrayed by Duncan McConnell.


Gerdacyr stands about 6' tall, with a medium build. His red hair, now greying, is worn long. He dresses in rich garb, as befits his noble status.


Gerdacyr is an alumnus of the Flamebringers, and on good terms with many who once belonged to that group. He has been romatically linked to Marial of Greyhawk, and considers Kieren Jalucian, Jallarzi Sallivarian, and the archmage Otto among his friends.


Gerdacyr, along with fellow adventurer Nightblade, first met the Flamebringers (consiting at the time of Aladrin, Disindat, Dorak, Drag-Mon, Iladrina, and Sinsower) in 580 CY in Verbobonc, at an inn called the Adenturer's Rest. The two soon found themselves, along with Dorak, Drag, and Sinsower, teleported to Ysgard by a powerful being known as Ikkul Sinolfi, and charged with recovering a weapon known as Aesirhammer from the giants of Jotunheim.

After reurning to Oerth, Gerdacyr joined the Flamebringers in their exploration of the Tomb of Horrors, and then on their journey into Greyspace. Upon their return from Greyspace, Gerdacyr aided his fellow Flamebringers in thwarting Vecna during the Vecna Affair of 581 CY.

Since 581, Gerdacyr has remained visible, and is often seen in both Verbobonc and Greyhawk City. On Harvester 13, 595 CY, he was seen visiting Greyhawk's Royal Opera House with Marial, Otto, Kieren, and Jallarzi (accompanied by her familar, Edwina, of course), where he made the acquaintance of Cimmerii Acanthus and Jethias Tolemir of the Steelfire band. He was also seen in Greyhawk during Brewfest of that year, during the Champion's Games, where he managed the gladiator team the Teeth of Kord (consisting of Aushtar Bloodgrin, Durlauf Dragonhyde, Fredricka the Fierce, Krieg, Marcus, and Verben Ranzoff). Gerdacyr was last seen in Greyhawk during Needfest of 596, in the company of his fellow Flamebringer, Disindat.

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