• Dusseldorf as Super Why
  • Munich as Wonder Red
  • Cologne as Princess Presto
  • Wurttemberg as Alpha Pig
  • Hamburg as Little Bo Peep
  • Hanover as Little Jill
  • Wurzburg as Peter Piper
  • Frankfurt as Little Boy Blue
  • Nuremberg as Little Boy Blue
  • Heidelberg as Baby Joy
  • Dresden as Tom Thumb
  • Freiburg as Papa Bear
  • Stuttgart as Mama Bear
  • Baden-Baden as Baby Bear
  • Regensburg as Poppa Pig
  • Dortmund as Jack Beanstalk
  • Bremen as Mr Beanstalk
  • Koblenz as Mr Beanstalk
  • Ulm as Mr Beanstalk
  • Konstanz as Mrs. Beanstalk
  • Leipzig as Ken Beanstalk
  • Bonn as Ella
  • Erfurt as Odette
  • Trier as Goldilocks
  • Lubeck as Little Miss Muffet
  • Potsdam as Sleeping Beauty
  • Mainz as Cinderella
  • Augsburg as Eldest Pig
  • Friedrichshafen as Middle Pig
  • Husum as Tiddalick
  • Essen as Woofster

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