In the episode Germs. Zim and GIR a flick (similar to war of the worlds) where at the end the alien lifeforce loses b/c they fall ill to human sickness. Zim looks up if this can happend and he gets sent (via email) a trial pair of goggles that ables you to see all germs. After noticing the hundreds of thousands of hideous germs surrounding his house and all the rest of earth, he buys the goggles and spends hours in rubber gloves disinfecting everything in the house and everything he comes in contact with. When he is finally done,GIR enters the house bringing the pig inside with him and he reinfests the house. Zim disinfects everything and ties gir to a tree outside. When Zim runs out of disinfectint after eliminating a cute little germ, him and GIR go out to buy some more but GIR drags him into a food place where all the meat is clean. He asks the people how they get their meat so clean and finds out there burgers are made from outer space . Zim shows up at school the next day covered in this clean meat product.

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