restless, beautiful face change colors. At cocktail party. The discotheque and so on, the short sleeves wool shirt or the frail clothing and personal adornments, will meet late one gather appropriate to the occasion, the sincere upper and lower garments will not only let themselves be short with ease. Also will be been in oneself the first inferiority. Therefore, in has in appointment's day, should better be outside thick in thin.   4. the shoe and the clothing do not match: Puts on one pair the shoe which does not be in tune with the clothing to be able to let the human feel nondescriptly, the boots let the human like not releasing the foot, but if is the attractive boots and trousers' combination, then builds the nondescript model.   5. clothing exposition stature flaw: Standard grain's clothes are very difficult to lock, for instance the Scotland standard spins can enlarge in effectively the build insufficient, this kind of staggered standard grain also leaves ghd for sale the fashion in any case for the woman construction the trap, the big standard grain, turns the bottom of pants leg to hem, the perfect fashion, has actually been unable perfect woman that to be not very perfectThe stature, the exaggerating standard grain, enlarged in the woman stature insufficiency, the snake wax has imitated the skin trousers is the viper beautiful woman dresses up, might not be each people have the condition to put on. In this kind of ordinary day does not dare the fashion which attempts easily, puts on the upper body satisfactory, actually possibly does not see the beautiful woman presently to observe.   6. envies the detail neglect: Looked that the woman personal status needs to look at clothes, but must look at the detail, many women consider only not to attend to the foot, has built the upscale clothing and the low-grade shoes, includes the combination the faulty stroke in handwriting, on the stall inexpensive shoes, the package, no matter the style has novel, in the detail definitely will let woman's graceful bearing sell at a discount greatly.  ghd south africa  7. falls behind is putting on: Some fashions cannot withstand the time deliberation, if puts on is matching was " the past " the fashion literature style greatly to sell at a discount the image, after thick bottom shoes scenery several seasons, this quarter the game is as good as lost

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