Ghor MP3
Ghor from Metroid Prime 3
First AppearanceMetroid Prime 3: Corruption (WII, 2007)
AlignmentGood, later Evil
ProfessionBounty Hunter

Ghor is a character who first appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. He is a bounty hunter and an ally of Samus. He was first named in the Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel.


Ghor is a thin robotic creature who speaks in a vaguely human voice with mechanical undertones. He is capable of merging his body with other mechanisms.

Ghor MP3

Ghor with his armored suit


Ghor is called to help Samus fight Dark Samus. He gets corrupted with Phazon like the other hunters. He is seen fighting a Berserker Pirate in the trailers. Ghor seems knowledgeable about Aurora Units. A Phazon-corrupted Ghor fights Samus on Elysia, and damages Aurora Unit 217. He then attacks her ship and fights her, saying the corruption will infect everyone, even Samus herself. Samus removes his corruption, but Dark Samus telepathically kills him. Samus gets the Plasma Beam from his body.


Ghor is capable of merging his body with other mechanical objects. In the trailers, he can be seen engaging in melee combat with a Berserker Pirate.

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