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(Nala walks into the library with books floating in the library)

Narrator: Ghosts.

Eileen: Hello, Ghostbusters.

(Letters from the library start floating with Nala looking scared)

Narrator: They're real.

Eileen: You do?

(Nala runs from the bookshelf)

Narrator: They're mean.

Eileen: You have?

Narrator: They're here.

(Nala screams with light)

Eileen: We got one!

(Eileen rings the alarms with the Ghostbusters car driving to a hotel)

Narrator: Ghostbusters.

Mordecai: Hey, anybody seen a ghost?

Narrator: They catch the ghosts that won't stay dead.

(Mordecai, Kovu and Rigby sneak in to find a ghost)

Narrator: They're out.

(Georgette walks into the hallway)

(Kovu and Rigby shout and blast Georgette and her cart with proton beams)

Narrator: They're dangerous.

Rigby: Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.

Mordecai: That's bad. OK. All right. Important safety tip. Thanks, Rigby.

Narrator: They're professionals.

Mordecai: I've been chairman of the largest paranormal removal company in America.

(Mordecai, Kovu and Rigby scream with light)

Rigby: You see it?

(Margaret and CJ look jealous)

Narrator: They're all it stands between you and the end of the world.

(Mordecai, Kovu and Rigby look up)

(Lightning strikes in the building)

Mordecai: This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.

Kovu: Real wrath of God type stuff!

(Some clips include a statue of Janja, windows and the walls shattered and crumbled, a police car trapped down in a broken road, a small ghost creature spooking the animals, and the animals running away)

Kovu: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies!

Mordecai: Animal sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

Kovu: Your girlfriends live in the corner penthouse of spook central.

Margaret: You want this body?

Mordecai: Is this a trick question?

(The animals cheer, with Rigby yelling for help, and Mordecai, Kovu, Rigby and Danny look at the Guardian of Secrets, shocked)

Mordecai: Grab your stick!

Kovu, Rigby and Danny: Holdin'!

Mordecai: Heat 'em up!

(They arm their packs)

Kovu, Rigby and Danny: Smokin'!

Mordecai: Make 'em hard!

(They rack their handsets)

Kovu, Rigby and Danny: Ready!

(Janja and Goigoi roar, Mordecai and Kovu are attacked and the building explodes)

Title: Ghostbusters (AnimatedFan195 Animal Style)

Narrator: Ghostbusters. Starring Mordecai, Kovu, Margaret, CJ, Rigby, Spike.

(Mordecai, Kovu, Rigby and Danny look up, shocked, while the building is struck by blue glowing light)

Tagline: Coming Soon.

Mordecai: We came, we saw, we kicked it!

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