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(Danny turns on the radio)

Kovu and Danny (singing): There's something strange in the neighbourhood.

Tod: My dad says you guys are full of crap.

Kovu and Danny (singing): And it don't look good.

(The Ghostbusters car drives off in the road)

Narrator: A lot has happened since they saved the world.

Mordecai: Hi. Welcome back to "World of the Psychic". I'm Mordecai.

Margaret: What is he these days?

Rafiki: Mordecai, I was borderline for a while. Any across the border.

(Mordecai laughs)

Narrator: They've been put down,

Owl: They think you're a fraud.

Mordecai: I am a fraud.

(Mordecai and Kovu are taken to a hospital)

Narrator: put away,

Mayor Leodore Lionheart: We think they're seriously disturbed.

Narrator: and put on trial.

(Mordecai, Kovu and Rigby duck for the pink slime)

Shifu: I'll have you burned at the stake!

Danny: Face it! Ghostbusters doesn't exit.

(The ghosts start to haunt the city in the sky)

Narrator: But will it take to make the world beneath again?

(Margaret and CJ scream after the pink monster appears in the bathtub)

(The pink slime covers the cracks on the sidewalk)

Mordecai: Have you been out on the street lately?

(The wolves (from "Frozen") roar and take away the coat)

Mordecai: Do you know how weird it is out there?

(Rudy stomps on the police car)

(Jombies arrive with the Titanic)

Narrator: The dead will rise.

Francis: The Titanic just arrived.

Stu Hopps: Better late than never.

Narrator: The demons will wait.

(Prince John paints Kai's picture then Kai's eyes shocked Prince John)

(Pink river of slime enters with hands taking Kovu)

Narrator: Evil will flow.

Kovu: Slime! It's a river of slime!

(Kovu flees the river of slime)

Kovu: Looks like Mordecai concentrated evil.

Prince John: Evil?

(The alley cats run for their lives)

Chief Bogo: Treating other people like dirt is every New Yorker's God-given right.

Kovu: You ignorant disgusting blob!

(The slime twitches)

Kovu: This stuff responds to the animal emotional states.

Mordecai: Oh, baby.

(The slime covers the whole building)

Narrator: But when the slime hits the wall...

Mordecai: Who you gonna call?

Chief Bogo: Get me the Ghostbusters!

Kovu: You got it!

(The Ghostbusters car drives off)

(Mordecai climbs off into the pole)

(The sign "For Hire" is on the Ghostbusters car)

Eileen: Yes! We're back!

Kovu: It's slime time!

(Heff and Stan appear in the courtroom)

Mordecai: It's been a couple of years since we used this stuff. I hope it still works.

(The chairs start to float with Gidget getting taken away by Heff)

Mordecai: Happy new year!

(Mordecai, Kovu, Rigby and Danny destroy Kai)

(Arlo sees Spike and they flee while Spike falls into the ground)

Rigby: Now!

(The glass falls and shatters on the floor)

(Mor'du roars)

Kovu: Let's go!

(Mordecai, Kovu, Rigby and Danny destroy a big pink slime which removes it from the box)

Kovu: Two in the box!

Rigby: Ready to go!

Mordecai: We be fast!

Mordecai, Kovu and Rigby: They be slow!

(Mordecai, Kovu, Rigby and Danny run)

Animals: Ghostbusters!

(Mordecai jumps into his bed)

Narrator: Mordecai,

CJ: Don't put any of those old cheap moves on us.

Mordecai: I have all new cheap moves.

Narrator: Kovu, Margaret, CJ, Rigby, Spike and Danny.

(Arlo makes a funny face)

Mordecai: We're the best! We're the beautiful! We're the only Ghostbusters!

Title: Ghostbusters 2 (AnimatedFan195 Animal Style)

Narrator: Ghostbusters 2.

Tagline: Coming Soon.

Mordecai: Suck in the guts, guys. We're the Ghostbusters.

(Mordecai, Kovu, Rigby and Danny all breathe)

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