Welcome to Ghouliepedia! If you have played the wonderful game for a regular Xbox, Grabbed by the Ghoulies you will love this Wikipedia ! We are not associated with this and are not trying to copyright !


Your typical couple. Cooper and Amber plan a picnic on a lovely day but the forecast changes and starts raining.They are hoping to find some shelter but the only building around is a giant dark building. Amber bribes Cooper into running in but no matter what Cooper wont do it. The owner of Ghoulhaven Hall notices them and notices they arent staying. He calls his gargoyles and they kidnap Amber. Cooper wont let this happen and runs in after them ! Throughout the game you must defeat the monstrocity of this house and find away to save your girlfriend {which is Amber}

Crivens, Ma Soupswill,and Fiddlesworth

Crivens- Ghoulhaven Halls elderly butler is one of Cooper's first contacts within the house and soon proves himself to be an extremely valuable ally

Ma Soupswill- The in-house Cook whose culinary talents may lateer come in handy! Just dont ask questions about her slightly odd choice of assistant whose name is Mr. Ribs! He calls Ma Cookie and likes to say Doodily Doo !

Fiddlesworth- Official Groundkeeper of Ghoulhaven Hall charged with the uneviable task of patrolling and maintaining the gardens and outbuildings.

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