1 kabble = 1.5 miles

1 kabbion = 1 million miles

1 kabban = 1 lightyear


All units of time in the Ghuxiverse are equal to their Earth counterparts except the day,months and years. Days months and years in the ghuxiverse all start with the prifix "Ghux." That is because they are based off the day and year of the planet Ghux. The ghuxday, -month, and -year were made with the Simiton Caledar, a reformed version of the Flasmp Calendar, created during the Fül Dynasty by Emperor Simitas's astronomers.

1 Ghuxday = 25 hours

1 Ghuxmonth = 37 ghuxdays

1 Ghuxyear = 10 ghuxmonths

Although the Simiton Calendar is not the only measurements of time, it is the most commonly used, as it was used by the Old and New Ghuxalian Empires.


There are many different measurements of temperature in the ghuxiverse, but the most commonly used one is degrees Majoi (*M).

To convert Majoi to Farenheit, add 3 to the Majoi, and multiply by 5/12.

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