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  • Gianna (voiced by Princess): I'm bored. Plus, I can't watch TV or movies since I'm grounded. I KNOW; I'll watch "Sixteen Candles" since my parents aren't home.
  • 1 hour 33 minutes later...
  • Gianna: That was a great movie. OH CRAP!!
  • Dad (voiced by Paul): Gianna, we can't believe, that you watched "Sixteen Candles" while grounded. You know you can't watch a movie while grounded!
  • Mom (voiced by Susan): Into the beginning of this, we are gonna call the Easter bunny and tell him not to bring you any candy this year.
  • Adrianna (voiced by Julie): I agree!
  • Marvin (voiced by Brian): As much as do I!
  • Adrian (voiced by Kendra, as he's just 6): Me three
  • Gianna: No-no-no-I want Easter candy!
  • Dad: WELL TOO BAD! You shouldnt've watched "Sixteen Candles" while grounded!
  • Mom: Go upstairs to your room now.
  • Gianna: Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
  • On Easter morning...
  • Gianna: It's Easter morning! Let's see if the Easter bunny brought me some candy. No-no-no-no-no! I didn't get any Easter candy!
  • Mom: But we got you a few presents.
  • Gianna: Really?!! Where are they?
  • Adrianna: They're in the living room right on the coffee table.
  • [As soon as Gianna walked in]
  • Gianna: What are those?
  • Mom: We got you some Barney, Bubble Guppies, Family Matters, and Step by Step DVDs. You have to watch them everyday, mornings, afternoons, and evenings.
  • Dad: And those are the only shows you're allowed to watch from now on, and there will be no Family Guy, no American Dad, no Cleveland Show, no Bob's Burgers, no Carl's Jr., no Cartoon Network, no Strawberry Shortcake and no Netflix for the rest of your life.
  • Gianna: No-no-no-no-nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn--ooloo! I don't care for Bubble Guppies! Even my boyfriend Jimmy hates Family Matters and Step by Step as well.
  • Mom: We also got you some Tunak Tunak and Russian Trololo Man CD's. You also have to listen to them everyday from now on instead of Justin Bieber and One Direction.
  • Dad: And we even got you some educational video games. You even have to play these games everyday from now on.
  • Mom: And your dad and I are even, un-in strolling all of your video games, including Bavel-Twist, Angry Birds, Sonic Blast & The Sims 3 as well, and replacing them with even more, educational video games.
  • Marvin: And also, you're grounded forever as well!
  • Adrianna: Normally I would say go upstairs to your room now but instead, start watching Family Matters, Bubble Guppies, and Step by Step. And when you're done, start listening to Tunak Tunak and The Russian Trololo Man, & start playing your educational video games.
  • Gianna: I guess I'll have to start watching these Bubble Guppies, Family Matters, & Step by Step DVDs and listening to my new Tunak Tunak and Russian Trololo Man CD's and playing my educational video games. This's the worst Easter ever to come!
  • (c) 2011 Go! Animate, Inc.

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