Giga Shadow is the four TV movie of Lexx.

The Divine Order prepares for the rebirth, while Zev convinces Stanley Tweedle to return to The Light Universe in search of more protoblood for Kai.


The Time Prophet foretells of the Divine Rebirth. First there came the cleansing, the feeding of all human life into the hungry depths of the Cluster to feed the rebirth. The time of the Gigashadow was at hand. Eight loyal clerics were to oversee the ritual but fear and seeds of doubt had taken root.

The ritual begins. One of the eight sacrifices himself. The brain of the last host of His Divine Shadow begins to ascend into the Gigashadow to pass on the shadow essence into the Gigashadow. The other seven form a circle and point their daggers at the throat of the cleric to their right. One of the clerics breaks free, charging at the controls, but is killed. Another cleric puts his knife to the throat of the lead cleric, while another cleric manages to stop the ascension before he too is killed. Yottskry, a disloyal cleric draws his sword and kills a loyal cleric then goes after the leader but another loyal cleric throws a knife to his throat. A loyal cleric restarts the ascension but is killed by another disloyal cleric who then climbs onto the pillar as it ascends. The leader grabs his cloak but is pushed of the pillar and plunges to his death. The last cleric grabs the brain and falls off the pillar as well. The Clerics are killed but the Gigashadow’s rebirth is stopped for now.

Feppo and Smoor reminisce about Stanley Tweedle, his squeals as they tortured him.

Stanley orders food from the Lexx while Zev tries to convince him to go back to The Cluster for protoblood. Stanley says going back to The Cluster is suicide, Kai is meat in a freezer, and if she needs a man so badly, here he is. 790 recites a love poem to Zev and insults Stanley.

Zev visits Kai. As she is about to leave he emerges from his cryo-pod as it is broken. He has only hours left before his protoblood runs out. Kai begins singing the Brunnen-G fight song. Zev is more determined than ever to go back to the Cluster. Kai doesn’t wish to endanger Zev or Stan by going back nor is he motivated to fulfill the prophecy.

Stanley starts up a dialogue with the Divine Predecessors who bring up a vision of painful time in Stanley’s past when he was captured by Feppo and Smoor. Stanley is in a one-man spacecraft, he has just visited the Celus Pleasure transport and he is rehearsing the excuse he plans to tell his superior when His Shadow’s spacecraft appears behind him and Stanley gets caught in the crossfire. The rebel base is destroyed and Stanley is left drifting in space and running out of oxygen. Stanley sends out a distress call but it is picked up by Sub-Nebula mercenaries, Feppo and Smoor. The vision ends and the Predecessors taunt him with a song of his humiliation.

Stanley tries to fix the cryopod while 790 berates him. He gets stuck inside. 790 does nothing. Kai eventually comes along and releases him. Kai discovers a Cluster Lizard egg about to hatch. The lizard thinks Kai is his mother.

Zev threatens Stanley but Kai interrupts with Squish, the baby Cluster Lizard.

Stanley threatens to sic Squish, whose favourite food is brain, on the Divine Predecessors to coerce them into singing a song to his greatness.

Zev and Kai use some of Kai’s remaining protoblood to access the memories of the Divine Predecessor that Kai killed in order to find out more about protoblood. The protoblood displays the memories between sheets of glass. His Divine Shadow visited the Time Prophet after he destroyed the Brunnen-G and asks if they will reach their destiny. The Time Prophet cannot see past the Gigashadow but fears the death of all humankind. His Shadow speaks through Kai. He knows nothing more about protoblood but that it comes from the Gigashadow. His Shadow begins to rant and Zev shakes Kai. He pushes her away and she smashes the glass. Half of Kai’s remaining protoblood is wasted.

Zev confronts Stan again but he points out that it is more likely they will die than Kai will live and 790 agrees. Zev admits she doesn’t want to live, that she never did and cries.

Stan feels badly about making her cry. Stan contemplates going back to the Cluster and finally agrees. He asks the Lexx to call him “Stanley the Brave, who risked his skin for his friends.”

As they pass through the fractal core Kai collapses due to protoblood failure.

Kai, Zev and 790 take a moth to the Cluster. Stan stays with the Lexx under strict orders of radio silence. On their way to the Cluster, Kai collapses again.

The Cluster is barren. Kai and Zev encounter the dead clerics and the brain of His Shadow’s last host. It is at peace as the evil part of his brain has broken off. Kai destroys the remains of the brain and receives his memories.

Stan makes a transmission hoping to lure the sub-ns into a trap. The sub-ns hear his signal and intercept Zev’s. Imitating Zev’s voice they tell Stanley to help any passing ships in trouble.

Kai and Zev make their way to the mortuary where he and others like him were kept. It is empty and the protoblood tubes are dry. They try to follow the tubes to their source.

Protoblood falling from the ceiling hits one of the dead clerics, Yottskry, and he is reanimated. The cleric touches the brain of His Shadow’s last host and the shadow essence is passed to the cleric.

Kai and Zev follow the tubes to their end but they are dry as well.

The cleric tries to fight the hold of the shadow but Zev and Kai watch as he is pulled into the Gigashadow and the shadow is merges with it.

Zev returns to the pillar to collect the protoblood as Kai collapses a final time.

The Lexx receives a distress signal from a beautiful woman running out of oxygen and Stanley goes to rescue her only to find that it is really Smoor and Feppo.

The Gigashadow begins to waken from within the planet and Zev is cut off from Kai. She fills a tube with protoblood, tying off the ends, and pushes it into Squish’s mouth. She tells Squish, “Go find your mother,” as she throws the lizard through the eye of the closing iris.

More clerics are reanimated and begin to attack Zev. She collects as much protoblood as she can and then leaves the Cluster. Zev calls for Stanley but Feppo responds instead.

Squish finds Kai. Some of the protoblood drips onto him and he revives enough to replenish his supply. He can hear the cleric calling to him telling him to stop the Gigashadow and with Squish begins to crawl inside.

The Shadow tries to stop him and the cleric tries to help but Kai gets pushed out of the Gigashadow into space. But Squish is able to crawl back inside looking for its favourite snack.

The Cluster is destroyed and there are no nearby planets. 790 informs Zev that although she will run out of air in a few hours he will go on for centuries and spend his time composing an epic poem to her. Just then Stan calls to her on the squawker and the Lexx appears in the sky. Stan tells the Lexx to fire but the weapon doesn’t destroy the Giga Shadow. The Lexx fires again.

Zev flies her moth into the Lexx. On the bridge, 790 sees Kai from the viewscreen and Stan directs the Lexx to pick him up.

The Gigashadow, a giant 7-segmented pillbug, comes after them and they head back to the fractal core. The Gigashadow shoots a tentacle into the Lexx and destroys the remaining Divine Predecessors.

Squish reaches the brain and takes a bite. The Gigashadow is weakened and retracts the tentacle. The Gigashadow is pulled into the fractal core causing the destruction of both.

Feppo and Smoor fly through space to land in a swamp. Stanley retells how he overcame the sub-ns by having The Lexx eat them and then spit them out.

The crew renew their search for a new home. Kai and Zev kiss and hug but Kai’s eyes turn black and return to normal.

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