Gingka And The Spaceship is a Beyblade/Thomas parody of the episode "Thomas And The Spaceship"


Narrator: It was a foggy night on the Island of Sodor. The Bladers' lamps burned brightly. And the fog swirled and twirled around their feet as the Bladers headed home. All except for Kenta. He had fell and cut himself. Kenta had broken down. Gingka chuffed in.

Gingka: Hello, Kenta.

Narrator: He tooted.

Kenta: Hello.

Narrator: He peeped happily. Gingka walked up to Kenta and they headed home towards Tidmouth sheds. The fog was thick. Gingka wanted to be quick. Suddenly, Kenta peeped...

Kenta: Look, Gingka. There are flashing lights in the sky.

Narrator: Gingka couldn't see any lights.

Kenta: It must be a spaceship.

Narrator: Peeped Kenta.

Gingka: A spaceship?

Narrator: Puffed Gingka.

Gingka: Are you sure?

Kenta: Sure as I'm a little green boy!

Narrator: Whistled Kenta. He was very excited, and that made Gingka excited, too. Gingka and Kenta arrived at WBBA.

Kenta: I've seen the spaceship.

Narrator: Kenta whistled excitedly.

Ryo: Pah!

Narrator: Snorted Ryo.

Ryo: What a foolish little Blader.

Narrator: Gingka didn't like Ryo calling Kenta foolish.

Narrator: Then, he had an idea. He would take his friends’ mail crates for him. Now, he could find Kenta's spaceship.

Gingka: I'll show you that Kenta isn't a foolish little Blader.

Narrator: Gingka said to Ryo. And he walked off into the fog. Gingka stepped to the top of Ryo's hill. He was looking for the spaceship. There, in the distance, he saw some flashing lights.

Gingka: Hooray!

Narrator: Whistled Gingka.

Gingka: There's Kenta's spaceship.

Narrator: And he ran down the hill. Gingka ran closer and closer, but it wasn't a spaceship. It was a circle of workman's lights. The workmen were fixing some broken track. Gingka was very disappointed.

Gingka: I must find Kenta's spaceship.

Narrator: He whistled. So he chuffed on through the fog. Then Gingka saw another flashing light.

Gingka: Hooray.

Narrator: He said.

Gingka: There's Kenta's spaceship.

Narrator: Gingka puffed closer and closer. But it wasn't Kenta's spaceship. It was the lamp in the lighthouse flashing on and off.

Gingka: Bother!

Narrator: Said Gingka. But he still wanted to find Kenta's spaceship, so he puffed on through the fog. Gingka was very tired, and it was very late. He had searched everywhere. How was he going to show Ryo that Kenta had seen a spaceship? Then, suddenly, he saw them. These flashing lights were moving in the sky.

Gingka: There must be Kenta's spaceship.

Narrator: Whistled Gingka. He was very excited. Gingka pumped his muscles and ran after the flashing lights. The spaceship was flying lower and lower in the sky. Suddenly, Gingka didn't feel tired anymore. Gingka's feet thumped on the path to see……a Plane coming in to land at the airport.

Gingka: Friction and sparks!

Narrator: Cried Gingka.

Gingka: That Plane must be Kenta's spaceship.

Narrator: Gingka felt very sad. He hadn't found a spaceship. Worst of all, he had let down his friend Kenta. Gingka walked away. He was so tired, the mail crates felt very heavy now.

Gingka: I've spent all night looking for Kenta's spaceship.

Narrator: Gingka knew that now he couldn't deliver the mail cars on time. He needed help. So he chuffed back to WBBA as fast as his aching axles would spin. When Gingka arrived at WBBA headquarters, Kenta was still at the clinic.

Ryo: How many spaceships did you find?

Narrator: Huffed Ryo grandly.

Gingka: It wasn't a spaceship.

Narrator: Puffed Gingka sadly.

Gingka: It was a plane coming in to land.

Narrator: Gingka felt foolish, but he still had to be really useful.

Gingka: Ryo, I need your help.

Narrator: He tooted.

Gingka: You are faster and stronger than any Blader. If we share the cars, the mail can still be delivered by breakfast.

Narrator: This made Ryo feel important. And Ryo liked feeling important. So Ryo took half the mail crates and Gingka took the others...until all the mail was delivered by breakfast. The next night there was no fog.

Gingka: Look.

Narrator: Gingka tooted.

Gingka: There's that same plane.

Narrator: He was very excited. All the Bladers watched it coming in to land at the airport. It was a magical sight.

Kenta: I think airplanes are better than a spaceship any day.

Narrator: Peeped Kenta. And Gingka had to agree.

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