Ginny Clements, Kathleen Mahoney and Terri Valentine are daughters to Judge Erica Clements, Farmer Tessanie Mahoney and Officer Charlotte Valentine and rivals to Amethyst Giger, Charleigh Greene and Madeline Voorhees that first appear in the Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes episode from the first season entitled: Friday Black Friday. Ginny Clements has long sandy brown hair and green eyes and wears a pink sleeveless shirt, light blue skirt, black longstockings and pink dress shoes. Kathleen Mahoney has long orange hair and blue eyes and wears a light green long sleeved dress, red and black pantyhose and orange and white sneakers. Terri has long auburn hair blue eyes and wears a black short sleeved shirt, light purple skirt, pink pantyhose and black flats. All three are voiced by Lacy Chabert, Cheryl Chase and Venus Terzo. At their ages, they are 13 in the original, and now 16 as of the High School sequel.


  1. Erica Clements, Tessanie Mahoney and Charlotte Valentine (Mothers)
  2. Ralph Hart, Cole Winston and Rudy MacDonald (Love Interests)


  1. Being friends with Betty and Lorry
  2. Doing whatever they can
  3. Listening to orders


  1. Getting choked up
  2. Feeling insulted
  3. Ruining their attitudes

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