Girl America

In the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Modern Day Universe, the identity of Girl America has been assumed by two separate individuals, both of whom have been super-heroines.

Girl America I

Girl America I
Real Name: Jane York
Status: Retired
Current Affiliation(s): None
Previous Affiliation(s): American Armed Forces, Victory Players
Notable Aliases: None
Notable Relatives: Jonah York (Father, deceased), Marie York (Mother, deceased), Mathew York (Older brother, MIA since WW2)
Powers: Moderate-range empathic control.


Jane York was born in the small rural town of Horde, Alabama, to Jonah and Marie York, in March of 1920. She lived a relatively peaceful life alongside her elder brother Mathew, who left the family farm and joined the Army sometime around the time when Jane was 6.

Jane’s extra-human abilities began to manifest when she reached the age of 12. Her empathic abilities made her a spoilt child, allowing her to generate sympathy for her when her needs were not filled. However, she underwent a drastic personality change when she received news of her brother’s assumed death during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour where he was stationed. She voluntarily joined the American Military and revealed to them her extra-human abilities, and as such Jane is seen as the first member of the Patriot Actors, being the catalyst for which the squad would be created.

Despite her wishes to engage the enemy looming in the Pacific, she was instead assigned to the European battlefront, where the prolonged trench warfare would best complement her morale-controlling powers. She fought in many glorious campaigns, but was sometimes seen as an angel of death to the troops she commanded, often leading them into suicidal missions under the effects of her generated euphoria and self-belief.

Post-war she was honoured for her actions in the war effort. She settled quickly back to normal life, but was somewhat reluctant to use her powers. She was often employed by various federal agencies wishing to pit their latest interrogation techniques against her own, and for the large part this paid for her way in life.

She retired at the age of 74 and has since faded from public service. She has left no biological heirs, but she did endorse the second Girl America, before her disappearance from the extra-human community.

Powers And Abilities

Girl America I had a moderate range psychic empathic control. This, in essence, allowed her to not only sense the emotion and mood of those around her, but also to manipulate it. She was one of the few front-line female members of the Victory Players for this very ability, as her effect on troop morale could turn the tide of battle to the American’s favour.

She also received extensive close-combat training from her fellow soldiers and drill instructors.

Girl America II

Girl America II
Real Name: Catherine Chase
Status: MIA, presumed deceased
Current Affiliation(s): None
Previous Affiliation(s): Patriot Actors
Notable Aliases: None
Notable Relatives: Timothy Chase (Father), Diane Ghall (Mother)
Powers: Moderate-range empathic control, minor telepathy.


Catherine Marie Chase was born in September, 1970. Her father was a extra-human member of DEHA, and so she was monitored at a young age for extra-human potential. She quickly manifested the powers of the Victory Players member Girl America, and so with consultation with the public relations wing, Catherine was destined to become the next Girl America. She was the youngest graduate to the Patriot Actors in the history of the team, despite many concerns at the willingness that DEHA had to send a barely fourteen year old girl into combat.

She was part of several successful missions in her early career, before she was drafted into action during the first Gulf War. When she was last seen, she was left for dead after an attack by an Iraqi extra-human left her with severe head injuries, and her supporting team was forced to leave her behind. To this day, the Iraqi government refuses knowledge of the whereabouts of her body.

Powers And Abilities

Catherine manifested many of the same abilities that her predecessor did. She was also unusually bright for someone of her age, although it is not thought that this was the result of any latent extra-human abilities.

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