Giselle's Greatest Adventures (CBS Kids version) is a fan-fiction TV Show created by Pikachufreak.


  • The show resolves on Giselle (from The School of Hard Knocks) the main character. Her older sister is Melanie (from Bulbasaur and The Hidden Village), her boyfriend is Max Taylor (from Dinosaur King), her best friend is Tyra (from The Bridge Bike Gang), her rival is Tyson (from Talkin Bout An Evolution and Rage of Innocence), her total crushes are Fergus (from Pokemon The First Movie) and Lan Hikari (from Megaman NT Warrior), her enemy King Boo (from Mario), her mother is Queen Illene (from Lucario and The Mystery of Mew), her heroes are Major Glory, Valhallen and Krunk (all from The Justice Friends), Melanie's boyfriend is Ethan (from Get Along, Little Pokemon), Melanie's rival is Kabal (from Mortal Kombat: Defenders of The Realm), Melanie's total crushes are Goro Oji (from Peach Girl) and Kenshiro (from Fist of The North Star), Max's total crush is Maylu Sakurai (Lan's girlfriend, also from Megaman NT Warrior), Tyra's older sister is Jessibelle (from Holy Matrimony and The Treasure Is All Mine), Tyra's boyfriend is Chazz Princeton (from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX), Tyra's rival is Lawrence III (from Pokemon The Movie 2000), Tyra's enemy is Guldo (from Dragonball Z), Jessibelle's boyfriend is Jaden Yuki (also from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX), Jessibelle's rival is The Count (from Sesame Street), Tyson's girlfriend is Tron Bonne (from Megaman Legends), Tyson's father is Professor Sebastian (also from Talkin Bout An Evolution and Rage of Innocence), Lawrence's girlfriend is Miyamoto (from The Birth of Mewtwo), Ethan's total crushes are Sae Kashiwagi (Goro's girlfriend, also from Peach Girl) and Hinata Hyuga (Kenshiro's girlfriend, from Naruto), Kabal's girlfriend is Whip (from King of Fighters: The Animated Series) and Count's girlfriend is Countess (also from Sesame Street). The series premiered on September 12, 1998 and is currently in its 16th Season.


  1. Giselle
  2. Melanie
  3. Max Taylor
  4. Tyra
  5. Tyson
  6. Fergus
  7. Lan Hikari
  8. King Boo
  9. Queen Ilene
  10. Major Glory
  11. Valhallen
  12. Krunk
  13. Ethan
  14. Kabel
  15. Goro Oji
  16. Kenshiro
  17. Maylu Sakurai
  18. Jessibelle
  19. Chazz Princeton
  20. Lawrence III
  21. Guldo
  22. Jaden Yuki
  23. The Count
  24. Tron Bonne
  25. Professor Sebastian
  26. Miyamoto
  27. Sae Kashiwagi
  28. Hinata Hyuga
  29. Whip
  30. Countess


Season 1 (1998-1999)

Season 2 (1999-2000)

Season 3 (2000-2001)

Season 4 (2001-2002)

Season 5 (2002-2003)

Season 6 (2003-2004)

Season 7 (2004-2005)

Season 8 (2005-2006)

Season 9 (2006-2007)

Season 10 (2007-2008)

Season 11 (2008-2009)

Season 12 (2009-2010)

Season 13 (2010-2011)

Season 14 (2011-2012)

Season 15 (2012-2013)

Season 16 (2013-2014)

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