Giselle is the first rival Misty confronts and a top student of the Pokemon Technical Institute appearing in The School of Hard Knocks. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. Her main casual clothing is composed of: a pink short sleeved shirt, two yellow bracelets on her wrists, blue skirt, tan pantyhose and red flats. She is voiced by Roxanne Beck (a.k.a. Annie Pondel). At her age, she is 10 years old. When attending the Pokemon Tech, her uniform is composed of: a blue shirt with white short sleeves, blue skirt, white socks and black dress shoes.


  • Queen Illene (Mother)
  • King Martin (Father)
  • Melanie (Older Sister)
  • Shingo (Love Interest)


  1. Being popular like Lexi Bunny
  2. Shooting her styles
  3. Becoming top student


  1. The way Misty insults her
  2. Joe's excuses
  3. Being expelled

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