Giselle is one of the following girls that Ash is addicted to, the love interest of Ritchie, and a new student from Tomoeda Elementary appearing in the Indigo League episode The School of Hard Knocks, alongside Joe. Voiced by Roxanne Beck (who also voices Rebecca from The Punchy Pokemon, Ramona from The Stolen Stones, Ariene from Hi Ho Silver Away and Naomi from Lapras of Luxury). She has long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and red lips. In her first appearance, her Pokemon Tech Uniform is composed of: a blue ??? with white puffy short sleeves, blue skirt, white socks and black dress shoes. Now, as of the Mr. Conductor and Friends crossover, her civilian outfit is composed of: a dark yellow long sleeved shirt, blue denim miniskirt, opaque tan pantyhose and red high heels. At her age, she is 10 years old.


  • Unnamed Parents
  • Ritchie (Love Interest)
  • Ash Ketchum (Classmate)


  1. Being nice to Ritchie
  2. Acting like a snobby student
  3. Working for her friends


  1. Her rivalry with Jeanette Fisher
  2. Feeling foolish
  3. The way Joe is called a weakling


  • She is one of the following girls whom Ash falls in love with. The next girls are Duplica, Marina, Bailey, Natalie, Melodi, Rhyanna, Mamie, Katharine, Layla, Shannon, and The Furisode Girls.

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