Giselle is a student from the Pokemon Tech that appears in The School of Hard Knocks, along with Joe. She has black hair and red eyes. She wears a white and blue school uniform with short puffy sleeves, a red ribbon on the front of her uniform, blue skirt, white stockings and black dress shoes. In normal days, she wears Becky's The Joke's On Schemer outfit consisting of: a red and blue shirt with long sleeves, blue skirt, red pantyhose and black shoes. In springtime, she wears Mina's Cherry Blossom Time outfit consisting of: orange shirt with long sleeves, green skirt, tan pantyhose and orange high heels. In summertime, she wears Min's Honk Honk A Goose On The Loose outfit consisting of: a blue/green long sleeved shirt, black skirt, black longstockings and black shoes. In the fall, she wears Sam's Evil Boyfriend outfit consisting of: a pink shirt with long sleeves, red skirt, pink and purple shoes. In wintertime she wears Kimi's Bad Aptitude outfit consisting of: a purple shirt with a yellow tie, black skirt, red and purple striped pantyhose and purple boots. In prom nights, her prom outfit consists of: a blue sleeveless dress, yellow earrings and black high heels. When sleeping at night, her pajamas consist of: a blue pajamas with long sleeves and tan pantyhose. In Puerto Rican parties, her Jibara outfit consists of: a blue dress and high heels. When at home, her house clothes consist of: a blue shirt with short sleeves, black skirt and black shoes. In Pantyhose school days, her pantyhose school uniform consists of: a lightish blue middle school uniform, which has a blue sailor collar with two white stripes, a red ribbon on the front of her uniform, a white school top with short puffy sleeves, a blue pleated skirt with a blue ribbon on her back, white socks and black shoes. When attending skills USA, her Skills USA uniform consists of: a red shirt with long sleeves, black skirt, tan pantyhose and black high heels. In her Pantyhose Day contest, her Pantyhose Day outfit consists of: a black long sleeved shirt, gray skirt, opaque tan pantyhose and black high heels.


  • Queen Illene (Mother)
  • Melanie (Older Sister)


  • Hanging out with Max Taylor.
  • Doing casual stuff.
  • Playing with her guitar.


  • Tyson of Project R.
  • Her bad attitudes.
  • Her fear of falling.

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