• Giselle (from Enchanted) as Alice
  • Odette (from The Swan Princess) as Alice's Sister
  • Pip (from Enchanted) as Dinah
  • Brer Rabbit (from Song of the South) as White Rabbit
  • Kaa (from The Jungle Book) as Doorknob
  • Hokey Wolf as Dodo
  • Honest John and Brer Fox (from Pinocchio and Song of the South) as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
  • Yogi Bear as Walrus
  • Boo Boo Bear (from Yogi Bear) as Carpenter
  • Fidget (from The Great Mouse Detective) as Bill the Lizard
  • Blue Fairy (from Pinocchio) as The Rose
  • Disney Princesses as The Flowers
  • Top Cat as Caterpillar
  • Tito (from Oliver and Company) as Caterpillar as a Butterfly
  • Lita Kino (from Sailor Moon) as Bird in a Tree
  • Djon the Thief (from Ducktales the Movie) as Cheshire Cat
  • Gideon (from Pinocchio) as Mad Hatter
  • Donald Duck (from Mickey Mouse) as March Hare
  • Thumper (from Bambi II) as Dormouse
  • Three Diggers (from Ducktales the Movie) as Card Painters
  • Eris (from Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas) as Queen of Hearts
  • Sir Hiss (from Robin Hood) as King of Hearts


1. Opening Credits

2. Giselle Gets Bored/In A World Of My Own

3. The Run of Brer Rabbit ("I'm Late")

4. Giselle Meets Kaa the Snake/The Bottle On The Table

5. The Arrival of Giselle ("Sailor's Hornpipe/The Caucus Race")

6. Giselle Meets Honest John and Brer Fox ("How Do You Do and Shake Hands")

7. The Big Bear and The Little Bear

8. "Old Father William"

9. A Bat With A Ladder/"We'll Smoke The Blighter Out"

10. A Garden of Talking Flowers ("All in the Golden Afternoon")

11. Giselle Meets Top Cat ("How Doth A Little Crocodile")

12. More Ups and Downs for Giselle

13. Giselle Meets The Cheshire Djon/Twas Brilling

14. The Mad Tea Party (Part 1)

15. The Mad Tea Party (Part 2)

16. The Tulgey Wood

17. Giselle Gets Lost/"Very Good Advice"

18. "Painting the Roses Red"/The Cards' March/Eris, The Queen of Hearts

19. The Cheshire Djon Appears Yet Again

20. Giselle's Trial/"The Unbirthday Song (Reprise")

21. Giselle's Flight

22. End Credits

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