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1) This is the start of a go to website for the 2008 election. I want it to be THE go to website for this purpose.

2) I want a Republican to win the election.

From all the choices that are out there right now I would like Giuliani to win.

Acctually I wonder if we should have no political parties at all in our country as at least one of our Founding Fathers wanted. The other option I see is to help our country through the parties by allowing others in their party to run against them-including the president-in the primary.

What we need in this country is compromise.

A third party person might be an idea.

Anyway, what I will try to do here is make an aggregation of information on Rudy Giuliani.

Here goes.

First of all Giuiani set up a website recently

Second of all he put out a book called Leadership which can be puchased from at this address . It is available in hardcover, paperback, audio cd, audio cassette, and audio download. It can also be downloaded through iTunes.

It wasn't one of those "self-help" books; it was a book about what Giuliani did in New York.

I had heard about Giuliani before I read the book but I only heard about him in passing and didn't know much about him until I read the book.

A lot of people know about Giuliani from 9/11 but I can say that after reading the book I was most impressed with what he did in New York much more than what he did on 9/11. 9/11 was only one day; What he did in New York for the years before that was much harder.

Another book that you could read about what Giuliani did is Bernard Kerik's book entitled A Lost Son. It was a good book. He was the Police commissioner for a time.

Another book you could buy is about Bill Bratton entitled The Turnaround. I haven't read the book, though I know that he was a great New York Police Commissioner for a time under Giuliani.

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