Glengarry Glen Ross is a play by David Mamet that was produced by Quadramics Theatre Company in the Fall 2000 season. It was directed by Tim Banden

The show ran from December 1st - 3rd, at Penn's Annenberg Prince Theatre. There were evening shows all 3 nights, at 8pm and one matinee at 1pm, on Saturday the 3rd.


Richard Roma - Damian J.L. Werts
Shelly Levine - Matt Drummand
Dave Moss - Tom McCarthy
George Aaronow - Marques
John Williamson - Al Castro
Blake - Katie Fox
James Lingk -
Policeman - Mike Biondi
Harry Potter/Thief - Jon Adler (uncredited)


Director - Tim Banden
Producer - Jordan Ellel
Stage Manager - Christy Mach
Set Designer - Maya
Light Designer - Jon Alagem
Props Designer -
Costume Designer - Peter Papazoglou
Graphics Design - Robin Rolewicz
Master Carpenter - Sandeep Varma
Master Electrician - Peter-Mark Verwoerd
Publicity - Rachel Smith
Assistant Director - Helen Wilson
Assistant Producer -
Assistant Stage Manager - Lindsey Shockley
Assistant Set Designer -
Assitant Lighting Designer - Peter-Mark Verwoerd
Assistant Props Designer -
Assistant Costume Designer -
Assistant Master Carpenter -
Set Crew -

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