Global Warming

What would happen if global warming took over the earth ? There could be massive floods and all sorts of famines. The whole worlds population will be gone.

Global Warming the beginning

The theory is that global warming will destroy the earth. Global Warming means that the earth is getting warmer. As we use more gas and have more fire the some will go up to the ozone layer and penetration will occur to the ozone layer. So more sun light will stay in the earth so that will result in more heat.


Becuase of global warming glaciers will melt causing the them to flood. This can be a huge impact on the worlds population depending on where it strikes. Also land will be flooded which may even cause people to move so that will create overpopulation in other parts of the world. Like china. If a glaciers melt up in the north near greenland then some may move to another country. Also beacuse of all the glaciers flooding the water of the glacier might go to another sea and the pure water might mix with the salt water causing various fish to die. So when the fish die the impact could strongly hit countries who depend on fish which might be a major resource. If you are a fisher then you could lose you job.

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