Globox after drinking some plum juice in Rayman 3

Globox is Rayman's best friend from the Rayman video game series.


  • Spiecies: Anthropomorphic Frog
  • Skin Color: Blue and White
  • Allies: Rayman (best friend), Uglette (wife), Globox Children (sons and daughters), Bembette (daughter), Murfy, Teensies, Polokus, Bubble Dreamer, Clark, Ly, Betilla, Edith Up, Helena Handbasket, Annetta Fish, Holly Luya, Clark, Otto, Romeo, Gonzo
  • Enemies: Admiral Razorbeard, Reflex, Knarrens, Gumzi, Andre, Dark Lums, Count Razoff, Begonlex, Darkman (Dark/Bad Rayman), Dark Globox, The Magician (Ales Mansay)



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