The Glock Model 17 has seen service with the Tresedian Legion
. In it's most base form, the Model 17 is a simple weapon to operate and breakdown, consisting of just over 30 parts to contend with. The pistol is billed as a "recoil-operated semi-automatic handgun", firing from a 9mm Parabellum 17-shot detachable box magazine. The pistols appearance is very sleek and slender, particularly in the 17L model. Glocks, in general, have become more and more prominent in use with security forces as well as military ones.

Other Glock 17 models in this family include the Model 17L (which features and increased barrel length), and the Model 17C (which features a muzzle compensator to assist in accurized shooting actions). In all, it has maintained the quality and precision expected with all Glock models.

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