Glove Taps is a 1937 Our Gang Short Comedy Film directed by Gordon Douglas.


Butch explains that he clobbers every kid in school to prove that he is in charge. By a fluke, weak-kneed Alfafa is chosen to face Butch in the barnyard boxing ring---and he has only one day to train for the bout.


  • After appearing as a peripheral player in several earlier Our Gang shorts, Tommy Bond made a spectacular return to the series in Glove Taps. Here and in all future appearances, Bond is cast as neighborhood bully Butch, the bane of the existence of Spanky McFarland, Carl "Alfala" Switzer and the rest of the gang. It's also been said that Ludwig Bemelmans suggests that Butch, Woim and Slim would be theme after and inspired by The Three Stooges, with Butch in the role of Moe Howard, Woim in the role of Larry Fine and Slim in the role of Curly Howard.
  • Another Our Ganger debuts as Glove Taps marks the first appearance of Darwood Kaye in the role of Waldo.
  • Also making it's first appearances in Glove Taps included Mel Brooks as Slim, Carl Reiner as Rickles and Sid Caesar as Melville.
  • The Three Stooges make a Cameo appearance at the very beginning as they try to catch a taxi.


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